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01-08-2013 | Posts: 2,657
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Passkey lite is free

It's updated pretty regularly

It launches on startup

XBMC frodo handles playback (the Play Disc menu appears when a disc is inserted)

It's a gimmick for me, but it's nice to have the option
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While a agree that a standalone is less of a hassle, I endure the hassle becuase there is no standalone player, including the oppo and the oppo combined with av processors or recievers, which can come close to the sound quality of a pc properly and directly connected to amplifiers. The software does the decoding and the soundcard, in my case the asus, is directly connected to my amps, with J river controlling the volume. I listen to 2 channel but I believe the asus also offers a surround sound version which can be connected to a 5 channel amp. Also, this conviguration offers the option to use a high-end usb dacs. This avoids the preamp, which is unnecessary and causes distortion. Believe me, I tried many standalones, etc, but a direct connection from a pc to an amp (in my case monoblocks) via soundcard or external dac must be heard to be believed, and it worth the occasional hassle.
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Well... thanks for all of the info guys. I won't be going the PC route. Only, because the pros of going the PC route do not out weight the possibility of having to spend more money in the future.

While it does seem that the PC route can be made to be superior in some ways, to a stand alone player... those positives are not the ones I care about. So to me being able to purchase a standalone player that can be updated and still be used to play discs 5 years for now, is way more attractive. Specially because I can pay $100-$150 for one and be done.

Looking into the software needed to play on PC... I'd be easily looking at $150 along with the drive and also the possibility of paying for further updates in the future. Even worst, the manufacturer of the player not supporting it any further and it becoming outdated quickly.

So again, I appreciate the information. wink.gif
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Just read this thread and still a bit confused. If I have passkey lite installed, or AnyDVDHD, can I reliably playback a blu ray from disk? I have TMT3 as well but find it a bit clunky and refuse to upgrade to TMT5 as it seems to be basically the same. For everything else I launch mpc-hc from mediabrowser so can configure that for disks as required.

Will playback this way enable me to bitstream the audio, truehd or dtsHD ?
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I don't use Passkey Lite, but yes with AnyDVD HD you can have reliable playback from disc with TMT3/5 and MPC-HC.
I haven't had a disc I couldn't play one way or the other yet.
I would assume Passkey Lite would be the same.

With MPC-HC you will occasionally have to change the Playlist/Subtitle track to the correct one, sometimes it chooses incorrectly, with TMT3/5 you won't have this problem.

Yes you can bitstream the audio.
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