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Originally Posted by Sammy2 View Post

Care to elaborate a bit more?

I had a local station that had a commercial that was marked copy never using cgms/a thus WMC would mark the show as copy never when recorded with clear qam as well as later with a cablecard tuner without a cablecard when I first purchased my ceton. It has been a while since this has been a problem for me but I believe vista media center would actually mark the whole show as copy never and delete it within the hour (or half hour)... I believe Windows 7, at least sometimes, would record up to the commercial then stop and display the error, then try again on another tuner I'm not sure if this was related to the commercial and cgms-a (but it always happened at that same commercial) or just some other partial or multi-part recording issue. This only affected me for a couple of months that I actually used a ceton without a cable card as I used other programs/tuners to record that channel since I had problems before. It also showed up for many shortly after Ceton's release when NFL on Fox would not work for some as it was quickly noticed. Once my provider provided a CCI of copy freely on this channel and I used a cablecard tuner with a cablecard, I didn't have the problem but if wmc recorded that station off one of my clear qam tuners, the error actually mentioned a cablecard may help to record the show. Prior to getting a cablecard tuner, since this channel was in the clear, any other software package would record the station ignoring cgms-a completely so I would run one of my tuners with another program whose sole purpose was to record that one local channel. By not required to do so I was just referring to that there is no legal requirement for to enforce protection flags but there is a requirement from cablelabs for cablecard tuners to enforce it if no cci is present which may be why WMC obeys all these rules that no other recording software does. In the past, I've even had analog recordings marked as copy once/never by wmc but that might be going back to the vista days but as a result, I usually recorded analog with another package, just to make sure WMC didn't mark it as copy once/never when I felt it shouldn't have been.

Looking for some examples I came up with this In which eventually ceton made a beta to resolve the NFL issue. When the prime came out, SD had a lot more about it when it hit them and people referred to the beta for ceton and I believe that is when a new "spec" was made to make it more clear that CCI did indeed override the other forms. Unfortunately SD doesn't use their forum as an archive so there isn't much there about it today. Lately, it has been seen a lot with TBS (I know I replied a few times in that thread but look at what nickk says about cablelabs rules) as they use cgms-a and it is often a channel that is broadcasted to basic subscribers and in the clear and though usually not as big of a problem now, since most of the big providers do provide CCI information even on clear channels, some providers still don't bother to set CCI on clear qam programming and cablelabs requires cablecard tuners to obey other forms of protection when cci isn't present. Other software usually ignores any flags on clear qam or analog as they are not bound to enforce it but they can't tune/record encrypted protected channels.
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That was elaborate.

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