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slosvt's Avatar slosvt 01:01 PM 02-02-2013
I have to order a new Mobo, because of a liquid spill that shorted out the current unit (Asrock E350M1 AMD E-350 APU).

I had no issues with the motherboard, so I was just going to order another one, but then I started thinking. Can I do the job w/o a decrease in performance for less than $100?

I have a basic build (Win 8 Pro, Seagate 2TB 5900 RPM HD, 2 2GB DDR, LG Blu Ray Drive). The HTPC is mainly used for viewing Blu Ray discs/.mkv files thru XBMC. I do not use it for DVR or gaming.

If you were in my shoes, what mobo would you put back in your HTPC?

Thank you,

Tiddles88's Avatar Tiddles88 01:29 PM 02-02-2013
Intel G1610 + Asrock B75M-GL for a buck or two over 100, assuming you have an mATX case. Vastly faster than an 350 APU.
slosvt's Avatar slosvt 02:25 PM 02-02-2013
I have the following case:

SILVERSTONE Black Aluminum skin reinforced plastic front panel, 0.8mm SECC body MILO Series ML03B Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

Is the I3 worth the extra cost of the basic Intel CPU?
slosvt's Avatar slosvt 05:52 PM 02-06-2013

How much difference would I see in using the Intel G620 + Intel boxdh67blb3 vs. your suggestion. I looked at the I3 but that would run more than I wanted to spend at this time.

Thank you,
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