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bgthree's Avatar bgthree 12:40 PM 02-16-2013
Is there any benefit to ripping Blu Rays to SSD and then copying them to a conventional HD for storage once finished, instead of just ripping straight to the conventional HD?

In other words, is the write speed of a conventional HD ever a bottleneck when you're ripping an .mkv from a Blu Ray to a conventional HD? What about with multiple BD drives ripping simultaneously? Assume 12X read BD drive(s).

AnthonyB's Avatar AnthonyB 01:14 PM 02-16-2013
You need to think backwards.

Optical disc seek time is the biggest bottleneck.

Your sata ssd 6gb/s could run circles around the optical disk about a billion times while your drive is seeking and takes the head transmit the data across the computer to the HD/SATA port. Plus, a Sata III Blu-ray drive would be kinda stupid. Maybe holographic discs will be able to utilise that kind of bandwidth but certainly not Blu-ray.
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