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Nameless_87's Avatar Nameless_87
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 55
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I have an HTPC and I use TMT5 for playback (launched as external player from XBMC) of blu-rays.

I am thinking of remuxing everything to mkv and use MPC-HC as an external player. This would be done to save space and since I have other players in the house using the same files (mede8er and dune later on) mkv would be better because of he seamless branching problem. Also, I don't mind losing menus and extras as I can always use the disc if I want to see extras.

So to summarize... I would like to switch from TMT5 playing full BD ISO to MPC-HC playing mkv file with main movie and subs only.

What I need:
  • Best picture quality possible (should be as good as playing the full disc in TMT5)
  • at least 2 subtitle tracks - forced english sub and full english subtitles (i watch all my movies with full english subs)
  • Bitstream DTS HD or True HD to my Denon AVR-4520

What is worrying me the most are forced subs. I am used to TMT5 so what happens is this. Example: Avatar - forced subs are on automatically and I turn on the English subtitle track manually. TMT5 will display forced subs where necessary and English subtitles throughout the whole movie.

Can MPC-HC do this, i.e. having multiple subs (one forced, one normal) running at the same time?

Also, what do I need in terms of software (besides MPC-HC) to meet the above expectaions and also to remux my collection to mkv with HD audio and 2 subtitle streams?

Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 9,850
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I use MPC-HC exclusively and have no problem with forced subs so long as the forced subtitle flag exists in the mkv file. You can control them too.. I have Harmony buttons mapped to the MPC-HC keyboard inputs for control of subtitles.. Basically on, off and toggling through the different subs but I strip out all subs that are not English when I create the mkv so there is only the hearing impaired and forced subs in the file. If TMT is reading these subs it is reading the same flags that MPC-HC will read so there shouldn't be any difference in playback and presentation of subtitles between the two players BTW.

I know I rambled on here but the simple answer to your question is Yes you can have both the subtitle streams in the playback.
Postmoderndesign's Avatar Postmoderndesign
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 1,123
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MPC-HC will play blu-ray .iso once the file is mounted with something like Virtual Clone Drive. If you enable subtitles in MPC-HC you will get all subtitles. To navigate through the root title menus you may need to use a mouse. If your computer can use madVR with jinc3+AR and smooth motion you will probably get the best video of any current player.

Give playing a blu-ray .iso with MPC-HC and if you have problems post those problems.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 9,850
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I believe the OP wants to reduce the file sizes by going to mkv for storage purposes but I'm not sure how much storage space would be gained. Probably with a few hundred mkv's you can save room for one or two more I would think.
Nameless_87's Avatar Nameless_87
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 55
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Thanks for the replies.

Right now my blu-rays are around 45 GB each... converting to mkv will have the following advantages: less space (around 10GB less for each movie if not more), and the movie starts playing immediately instead of having to go through trailers, forbidden actions, menu and so on. I have around 300 blu-rays and that I think is a huge saving in space.

I've heard of madVR and will give it a try. Haven't heard of jinc3+AR.. what does it do? Also heard of LAV but again, I don't know what it does. if anyone could explain what these 2 do?

Also regarding subtitle... I am like you Sammy. I use both forced subs and the english for hearing impaired and i won't them both on at the same time and displayed when necessary.
So you are saying that MPC-HC does recognise the forced flag? So you just need to switch on the subtitle for english for hearing impaired and you will see both. And even with english for hearing impaired off, the forced sub would show?

What program should I buy to start ripping the blurays to mkv (my collection consists of both BD ISO and BDMV structure blurays)?

I also need to know about the refresh rate. Will MPC-HC recognise the refresh rate and change the graphics card refresh rate accordingly? I got a NVIDIA GTX 460 graphics card.
Cause right now TMT5 is stuttering like crazy (especially visible with subtitles on) and I can't stand it anymore, so need MPC-HC to be configured to not stutter.

Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 9,850
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Don't buy software, get this instead.

madVR does the frame rate switching for you.
I don't normally use the hearing impaired subtitles but I know this works because I tested it.
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