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Ok I've got a File Server that has an InfiniTV 4 in it that sends 2 tuners to 2 different WMC HTPCs. Lately we are having odd "Weak Signal" messages and live tv and recorded TV will stop. If you close WMC and restart it, it works again. So this is happening on both WMC and I assumed it was a signal or server issue. I started trouble shooting it tonight and found my signal strength on most channels is no more than -9 and usually around -2. I checked the Signal to Noise ratio and it's hovering around 37 (which I've found is great). So I've just about ruled out that it's a signal issue. So I haven't had any network issues that I can see and I have not fully checked into those yet, but I went ahead and reset my tuners from the Ceton app and inside WMC. I supplied HTPC A with Tuner 1 and 2 and I started watching a show and recording a show. I checked the Ceton web page and it shows good signal strength and the correct tuners. I then go upstairs and give HTPC B tuner 3 and 4. I start it recording and watching a channel. All the sudden the downstairs TV throws a "weak signal". I proceed to go to the server and check the web page to find out that HTPC B has somehow taken over Tuner 1 or 2 and one of it's own. So it's essentially stolen one of the tuners from the other machine, even though both machines in the setup show them taking the correct tuners. What is odd is that HTPC A is a windows 8 machine and HTPC B is a windows 7. HTPC A (win8) can see the name of HTPC B (win7) in the tuner setup and those tuners are grayed out, but then when I do the TV Signal setup it tries to grab all 4! When I do the same thing with HTPC B (win7) it only shows it taking the 2 tuners and sets everything up correctly. I also notice that HTPC A (win8) can see the name of the PC for the two tuners that HTPC B has but for some reason HTCP B cannot see the names of HTPC A when it's being set up. The Ceton diagnostic utility shows those channels as "No Assignment" even though the channels are playing on the TV and have been reserved by the Win 8 machine. I'm not sure WTF is going on and I'm a bit lost. Has anyone seen such a thing? I know it's pretty confusing but It's the best I can explain it right now.

So for now I powered off the Windows 8 PC and my Windows 7 isn't throwing the Weak Signal. Apparently something is going bonkers in the tuner reservations. What is odd is that both of these machines have been in use for a year and I've been running Win 8 on the one PC since it came out. It's only recently these problems started popping up. Nothing has changed! So I'm lost biggrin.gif Any suggestions?

Funny thing is my wife doesn't like it but she isn't giving me much crap because she understands my cutting edge need. But my 7 year old? He won't quit giving me crap about the weak signal during his TV shows! lol

Note, all computers are gigabit hardwired.
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I love the InfiniTV4 (I have three of them), but your scenario is just one reason why I don't like assigning network tuners or using media extenders. If something goes wrong with the main PC (or server in your case), it affects the entire household. I prefer to use the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime for sharing tuners with other PCs. If the main PC goes down, everyone else can still watch and record TV.

Just so you know, tuner sharing with the InfiniTV4 does not work with Windows 8. Here's the link to the Network Tuner sharing setup:


Note the very first line highlighted in red. It says:
Network Tuners is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 with Media Center only. It is not supported on Windows 8.

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That was clarified to be windows 8 can't host network tuners but can connect to them... I occasionally use them with my laptop that came with windows 8 (it still should be considered unsupported though... I'd even go to say network tuners in general is unsupported and if one wants them to get a prime) Every time I chose to add my laptop (remove one from win7 host to make it available to my win 8 laptop) I do have to run tuner setup a few times on each machine as the win 8 machine likes to steal all of them.... I'll do some more testing next week but I believe I originally thought that every time it would boot it would try to steal them but was good as long as it was up... but I do know it lasted a couple of reboots one weekend. I believe what worked for me was assigning the win8 tuner first then pick up the other 3 in win7. I also believed that both might have some remnant of which tuner is live tv and always try to use that as my main machine always prefers tuner 3 for live tv and my laptop did the same the first time running through tuner setup and it wasn't until a completely removed and reinstalled the drivers (I can't remember but I think the win 7 drivers worked better than the win 8 drivers on the laptop)

Next week I'll have some time to test some various setups (including testing intel HD video again with protected h.264 content) as I got a new SSD thats begging for an OS to be on it..
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Ok, I've done some testing over the past hour and half and found the solution. You do indeed need to set up the Windows 8 box first, no matter what. But even then I was still running into the issue where it was using the incorrect tuner and not playing well with the others. It turns out that even if you select 2 tuners during the network setup, when you go to TV Signal the automatic method of it finding the cable card and using it has all 4 tuners selected = conflics! So you have to say no and then go through the manual setup to find your signal. It will ask you if you have a set top box, then a cable card. When this pops up it will show you ALL tuners checked. This is totally different from Windows 7 because Win 7 only shows the number of tuners you selected in the Ceton Network config. So just unselect the tuners you are using on other machines and that has solved my issue. For some reason Win 8 will also not give the computer name to the tuners like Windows 7 WMC does. So when you go into the diagnostic tool it will show "not assigned", but will still show you the channel tuned and all the other info. Not sure what the heck is going on, but atleast I got it fixed and the family is happy. smile.gif
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Congrats. I could see this resulting in a native uprising had you not found a solution.wink.gif
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Ain't that the truth.
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