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03-24-2013 | Posts: 5
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My equipment consists of a Yamaha RX-A2000 receiver, Samsung LED TV, and a Epson 5010 projector all connected through HDMI cables. The HTPC is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. All worked fine when it first was setup, when playing a movie or audio from the HTPC it went into the RX-A2000 and sounded great. When I moved the mouse over the speaker icon in the task bar it showed the RX-A2000 as the sound device being used which was right. This all worked when either the TV or projector was on.

Now for the issue, weeks later it is no longer working and don't know what happened. When just the HTPC and receiver are on the audio shows the RX-A2000 as the sound device. As soon as I turn on the TV or projector the sound shows one of these as the sound device which is not right. Why is the receiver being bypassed? I want the audio from the HTPC to always send the audio using the RX-A2000 as the sound device. Also, when the TV or projector is on, in the sound device list the RX-A2000 disappears from the list. Any insight of this issue would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
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Do you have your system set up for automatic updates? A new driver may have been installed if you do. If I were you, I'd set up updates so that you have some control over what is installed if you have it set to automatic. If you do manual updates maybe you installed one that caused this issue.

At any rate, go into Control Panel > Sound and verify that your AVR is set as your default sound device.
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I manually update, but I will have to check to see if an update effected it.

The only problem that's happening is if the sound device switching from the receiver to the TV when turning the TV on. When I turn the TV off, the sound device on the HTPC goes back to the receiver. When the receiver and HTPC are on, the receiver is the default sound device. When I turn on the TV, the receive disappears from the listing of device and the TV appears as the default sound device. I want the TV when turning on or off to not effect the HTPC in changing the sound device.

Is there a way to bypass the HTPC looking at the TV when turning the the TV on and off?
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