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I searched for Ceton and HD Prime, got many results but none which addressed this question; I apologize if this has been asked and answered:

Is anyone using both of these devices on a singe network? (Ceton 4 PCIe in an HTPC, not WMS, and SD on the same network, where WMC on the HTPC is configured to use both tuner devices, 7 signals all together??)

I'm curious as to the configuration options. Can either of these be set up w/o a card for QAM only tuning? There is some old posts on the Ceton board, dating back to 2011 which state in theory it is possible but the WMC set up may not work (despite appearing to). I tried setting up my old ATI DCTs w/o a card, set up appeared to have worked perfectly, however I couldn't tune any channels. I put the cable back in the Ceton (which needs to go back for a fix) and had to re-setup WMC with that tuner... that set up failed and it reverted to the old settings, without a problem (so, why would I need to reset it up? - I ask because I know people use 2 Cetons w/o a problem, and two HD Network tuner w/o a problem) But, what about a hybrid of the two on a network with one HTPC, but several PC's which may or may not configure WMC (3 TV's currently, one direct to HTPC two using DMA2200 extenders)... And, can I get by for the two weeks just using my ATI's w/o a card?

I'm curious as to what to do while my Ceton is out. A friend has an HD prime 3 tuner still on box which he'll lend me if I set up his network/MCE once I'm done... I'm also considering buying an HD tuner (not cable card) as that will get almost all what we need while Ceton is out for repair.

Assume I use the HD prime 3 tuner, and then add the Ceton back (both with cards)... Do I need Tuner Salad? Apparently the Ceton drivers inherently support more than 4 signals coming in from an OCUR tuner (but, one not Ceton).

I also have two macs on this network and eventually hope to be able to stream to them from some tuner combination... haven't done any research on that yet.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I have both recording to my HTPC. I used Tuner Salad to lift the tuner limit and setup was quite easy. Also, the Ceton app for my iPhone works great for both.
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