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Kofkorn's Avatar Kofkorn 04:50 PM 04-27-2013
Hi All,

I have been making recordings off of my Cable box through HDMI into my 1512 HD PVR 2. I've been recording into the .TS format and then converting to .MP4 using Handbrake to maintain the 5.1 AC3 audio. The recordings start off correctly in 720P with 5.1 audio. However, at some point during the recording, the audio gets corrupted and only comes out of the left front speaker. It seems to be happening if a commercial comes on and changes audio format (Stereo vs. 5.1). It makes the recorded movies very annoying to listen to.

Is there any way to force either the cable box to 5.1 or to keep the PVR from corrupting the file? I am working with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HDC cable box on Charter. I have the 1.3.31062 driver for the PVR.

Any suggestions??


gtgray's Avatar gtgray 09:24 PM 04-27-2013
Do you have an Nvidia GPU? I have an issue in WMC where audio misbehaves in commercial. My issue is with Ceton so they may not be related.
Kofkorn's Avatar Kofkorn 05:29 AM 04-28-2013
This is happening when I am streaming back the video through Plex to my Roku 3. Not sure which GPU is involved.

The HD PVR 2 is connected to an older HP Vista laptop. I then transfer the file to my AMD quad core PC running XP. I use the Quad core PC to convert the file from .TS to .MP4 using Handbrake. Then the file is streamed using Plex on the quad core PC to my Roku 3 back at my TV. Most of the items recorded off of channels without commercials work perfectly. Just when I run into a show with a commercial, and even then it seems that some channels are fine, while others corrupt every time.

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