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ffpoke's Avatar ffpoke 10:59 AM 05-07-2013
I have the files in and .iso and .dvd for DVD for the layer brake for re-burning and my bluray still has copy protection left on them so that the bd-live will work, still testing this out using rio. but need to get the files to mobile starting with the dvd for my small storage devices like kindle fire hd 8.9 16gb it can stream but do not know the max bit rate so stick with dvd. Samsung Galaxy S III can handle HD at 720p bit but the bit rate do not know the max on this device. would like to keep original audio or for blu-ray HD audio on all devices including pc versions. Little video compression as possible. MX Player Free works on KFHD through Aptoide store.

I Think we should have a thread that tells people the max video and and audio (with 2 different tracks) specs with bit-rate. Also add a subtitle track (1 is fine, but 2 is great

Mark_Venture's Avatar Mark_Venture 07:38 AM 05-09-2013
I have different tablets Moto Xoom, Nook Color, iPad 2 & 3, Surface RT, and Samsung Slates. I also have LG BD390 and BD570 bluray players which can play some files across home network via shared folders on my windows PCs, and the LG's along with two of my Sony TV's also support DLNA (and I need to use a DLNA server like Serviio).

It gets a little complex to make backups of my DVD and Bluray movies to play on all these devices. There may be "better" ways to do this, but here is how I do it...

Currently I use the "alternate movie only" output option in BD-Rebuilder (donate) in combination with AnydvdHD to rip my movies to my hard drive. It creates an MKV file with the main movie and selected audio tracks. I also specify 2-Pass with 8096 as the file size target to get me the best balance of quality and size. In most cases its hard to tell that it is not the original Bluray disc. BD-Rebuilder can keep all audio streams, or downmix if you want to.

Your post seems to indicate that you realize the optimum encoder settings for your playback device are key to making good looking files. And that is so true. But with all these devices and their different capabilities, how do you keep it straight?

I had no luck geting good looking video files using Handbrake and other tools, even with what was supposed to be "optimum" settings.

So for my tablets, I take that MKV BD-Rebuilder made and open it using DVDCatalyst (pay for). It has been the BEST, Easiest, and most reliable way to give me great looking videos to take with me. I've used it to encode DVD's, Blurays, camcorder videos, etc. And they all look great. Ok, so DVD rips don't look as good as Bluray rips, but that is because of the DVD source. While it has specific profiles for MANY MANY devices (phones, tablets, PS3, WDTV, etc) I select the Motorola Xoom HQXT profile, but hit the "modify" button to change the max screen size to 1280x720 (default for Xoom is 1280x800). The resulting .MP4 files have been "portable" and play great on all my tablets (except the nook color which isn't powerful enough for it). Depending on device storage and how many movies you want to keep on it, you might need to need sacrifice quality for size and select a lower profile than HQXT (see -> )

DVDCatalyst can also convert blurays to MP4, but I haven't found the best LOOKING profile to use for playback with my LG's and TV's, so while the Mp4's look good on a small screen (tablet/PC), they don't look as good on my 46 and 55 inch TVs. Additionally it converts or down mixes to 2 channel or 5.1 channel AAC. So I only use DVDCatalyst when it comes to making files for my mobile devices.

Keep in mind that using these tools can take from minutes to hours depending on your PC. For example, when I first tried using BD-Rebuilder, it took over 24hrs to compress a bluray to an ~8gig MKV on my 3.2Ghz P4. With my almost 5 year old Intel i7-860 (2.8ghz) it currently takes me about 1.5 to 2hrs. Newer PC's can be even faster.

Then we come to Subtitles. Some players can handle sub titles embedded in the video files, others can't. So I usually try to make .SRT files containing the subtitles. BUT usually I only do this for movies that have "forced" subtitles, like 2012, Avatar, John Carter, where there are subtitles only for the non-english speaking parts, because the process is pretty manual.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 05:03 PM 05-09-2013
Having used both Handbrake and DVDCatalyst I'm a big fan of the latter. Very user friendly, excellent support, fast updates and stellar output. I've used it for several years now and am always impressed. Around the home for my portable devices I just use Plex anymore, but to prepare for road trips DVDCatalyst and I are old friends. I'm surprised it's not mentioned more often here.
ffpoke's Avatar ffpoke 07:14 PM 05-12-2013
Can I get some setting for some DVD for handbrake more like Very high quality have over 1.5tb free space for transcoding. Then i will stream it using plex witch works good on my anime even with subs.
tential's Avatar tential 07:17 PM 05-12-2013
Originally Posted by ffpoke View Post

Can I get some setting for some DVD for handbrake more like Very high quality have over 1.5tb free space for transcoding. Then i will stream it using plex witch works good on my anime even with subs.

I'd read this to get started. Hard Drive Space can disappear quite quickly. 1.5 TB may seem like a lot now but haha just wait. I just filled that amount of space up in the last 2-3 weeks.
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