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lilwheezy75's Avatar lilwheezy75 09:37 PM 05-25-2013
I just purchased a Microsoft surface with RT. I was wondering what some/most are doing to integrate it into their current HTPC setups?

I currently have a htpc running windows 8 using a ceton infinitv and plex for all of my media. Live tv goes through media center.

I used (still do, but may not use it much now) have a iPad mini that had the plex app and irule. The plex app was fun because I can choose a file and play it directly to the htpc or apple tv in the bedroom.

Can I do similar with the surface as far as choosing media and having it play on media center... there's not "apple tv" like device that would work in the bedroom.

Side note... I do have Xboxes on every tv as well.

lilwheezy75's Avatar lilwheezy75 02:19 PM 05-30-2013
Any insight or advice?

A few things I have tried to accomplish are accessing my plex server and playing to an Xbox. Sometimes it worked most times it didn't. Alot of my files are mkv which I am assuming is causing the problems.

I have also tried to use my surface to control my main htpc through remote access, teamviewer or my media center companion from ceton. Teamviewer seemed to work best as MMC companion only allowed me to control recorded tv because movie playback was slow to load and did not play.

I also have tried using the surface to control my Xbox through smartglass which I like to use as an extender for tv but controls are iffy at best.

I'm still new to the device and really only bought it for a portable device with full MS office but I enjoy using it alto more than I thought I would so now I'm toying with the idea of integrating it with my htpc, unraid server and Xboxs
tman247's Avatar tman247 07:33 AM 05-31-2013
No idea. All I know is there's a lot of stuff that won't work on the RT, and it's not a high powered device, so media type functions may struggle. It may be a Win8 front end, but it's all ARM in the background.
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 08:21 AM 05-31-2013
While I agree Metro has potential for HTPC control, nothing that I know of has been written yet to exploit that. Lilwheezy, are you a developer by chance? I think your options at the moment are to write your own apps or wait until someone else does.
pittsoccer33's Avatar pittsoccer33 08:50 AM 05-31-2013
Definitely get Ceton's My Media Center for it.

1) its a great way to schedule recordings

2) you can use it as a remote if you feel like
lilwheezy75's Avatar lilwheezy75 06:32 AM 06-01-2013
Well I figured out one thing that was bugging me. I have figured out how to find the htpc as an active player on the network so if I play a file on the surface I can choose whether IT starts on the surface or plays on the active player (htpc) I like this because my mkv files will play no problem.

I'm not a programmer by any means so writing my own code is out of the question... would be interesting to say the least
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