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4th-horseman's Avatar 4th-horseman 01:38 PM 06-11-2013
First, when did everyone meet up and decide that 6-8 hours was a good enough battery life for virtually anything portable? Rather than keeping devices a little thicker, every single ARM or Intel power efficiency improvement gets coupled with a ridiculous reduction in thickness. It's okay though, cause the battery life is unchanged rolleyes.gif Actually, the battery life takes a hit, but being stuck without alternatives people keep buying and the bean counters of the free market announce successes to all major products mad.gif Realistically, the iPhone should be looking at the possibility of double it's current battery life if the thickness stayed at original specs. The huge annoyance in the mobile world is the idea that devices only accompany larger battery capacity when they are using larger screens, and the thickenss MUST KEEP REDUCING. Every reduction means less battery life than you would have otherwise, so why is everyone so accepting of the trade off? I'd much rather have a heavier, thicker device that provides a 48hr talk time and 10 day idle than a thin, light device that I have to charge every day. Also, where is the innovation? 2-3 waterproof phones ever (2 of those announced and not yet delivered)? What about solar rechargable screens? Deep cycle, large cycle life batteries?

Unfortunately, the Ultrabook market seems to be headed that same direction. Haswell has so many promises regarding battery life and improved graphics. Intel for some reason went along and slapped a touchscreen requirement in there?? To top it off, site like laptopreviewmag, notebookcheck, slickdeals, etc are full of people comparing deals and saying "not worth the price for no touch screen." In the long run, I'd probably pay up to $100 more for the OEM to NOT include a touchscreen. Give me a brighter, vibrant, ips panel that in turn gives me better battery life by not sucking juice for an idiotic feature I'd never use unless it was literally my first time using a computer. Decent keyboard and trackpad should come miles before a touchscreen is ever thought of. Once the tech gets them into the week-long battery life and adding a touchscreen maybe affects 10 hours of that long life, then add such a feature. But to add touchscreens in and suck an hour from an already starved 6-9 hour battery life is a huge annoyance to me. So apple to the rescue? The 13 hour (which for what it's worth is usually a much more honest number than you'd see if it Acer, Asus, Samsung, etc) 13 inch macbook air sporting haswell is the way to go for best battery life at this point? (I'd venture a guess that it will remain the best battery life if OEMs play by Intel's rules) Even they get a snort of derision for the anemic form factor that could easily double up that life expectancy and still be slimmer than the pro version, and to make matters worse they stick with 1440x900. WTF? To end, does anyone know what 1080p looks like when it's downscaled to 1440x900??

Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 01:48 PM 06-11-2013
Lots of text there. Is there an HTPC tie-in? Mine's powered via an AC plug so battery life isn't even a consideration but I can see wanting a portable battery operated PC to drive a HT if you know you have a few places to hook it up (Home, Boat, RV, etc).
4th-horseman's Avatar 4th-horseman 01:50 PM 06-11-2013
Mostly just a rant, and ended with a 1080p question to any macbook air owners. I guess everything PC related is a HTPC tie in (to me) since it's part of my overall purchase requirements smile.gif
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