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dpn's Avatar dpn 10:35 AM 06-21-2013
Thanks for this info.

I also have a large screen (130" diagonal). Glad to hear the quality stays good.

I may try this out.

Originally Posted by JJHTPC View Post

To the original OP. The xbox can only handle each file type up to a certain bandwidth per second. I think h264 is capped around 10mbps which roughly equates to about a 9 gb file (approximate 2 hour movie)with DTS or ACS (allowing passthrough). The highest value was their container wtv which caps out around 15mbps (providing the ability to have around 22gb file size which is almost the original file size for many movies). There is some documentation on the Xbox 360 website confirming this that I am too lazy to link to right now.

That being said h264 is a preferred format for a number of reasons.
The first of these reasons is that Compression is very good on h.264, and this means that you can compress 2 or 3 : 1 without much noticeable loss in picture quality.
With that being said the above file size of 9gb tends to give me a picture quality on my 96" projected screen that I can't discern any visible degradation from the original blu ray file.
The other major reason is that MKV has become a widely accepted open source format. It is not proprietary to anyone company (such as wtv) and because of these two scenarios sets it up to be very future proof, or in the least a future program will allow muxing from MKV with h.264 to whatever the preferred future format is. (not all softwares out there mux to wtv container)

Taking all of this into consideration I have created 1 single version of all my files. I use handbrake and rip them to MKV (h.264 DTS/AC3) I use constant bandwidth of 9000 kb (this results in a file that is usually with audio a little over 10mb per second but still works great on hard wired xboxs). Picture quality is unnoticeably changed, and I always have the HD audio.

dpn's Avatar dpn 08:49 AM 07-10-2013
I am the OP and am currently experimenting with PLEX. I can access PLEX running on my HTPC from the XBOX 360, and it plays okay for a few minutes, but then it starts to freeze and stutter. I am using a wired gigabit connection.

Also, I have a black XBOX media remote. Is there some trick to making fast forward work?

I think if I can sort out these snags PLEX will do what I need. Should I abandon the XBOX and go with a Roku 3?

Thanks for the suggestion!


Originally Posted by oman321 View Post

What about PLEX? No additional investment except time. If you just built your HTPC it's certainly capable of running PLEX media server (free) and then access it thru the XBOX.

PLEX will transcode your 1:1 rips on the fly and make them playable on the xbox. Also a ROKU 3 would be a great $99 alternative to an XBOX with its PLEX channel.

PLEX will also let you continue to use your existing Home Theater setup if you wish or you can use the Windows client. You'll also be able to access PLEX with mobile devices but those are paid apps.

Good luck whatever you decide.

oman321's Avatar oman321 09:43 AM 07-10-2013
Glad that may be a solution for you.

There seems to be a recent issue with the trouble your having. It's been reported and hopefully will be resolved with the next update of PMS.
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