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Redeyex's Avatar Redeyex 09:17 AM 07-06-2013
Hello everyone, TIA for the help. I just moved into a new house and the placement of the living room TV is not ideal. The only place I could have put it was over the fireplace without making huge renovations. The problem with that is where to hide my fios box, fios router and the HTPC which I haven't connected in the new house yet to keep it safe from the kids lol. The house has cable running throughout but not Ethernet cable. The only cable connection on the first floor is above the fireplace behind where the tv is now. I wanted to centrally locate the router so I can also get a good connection throughout the house and basement. I do have a new pantry near the tv which I was thinking of using the top shelf to house everything. Ill try to add pictures so you can get an idea. My plan was to run the wires down from the TV, into the baseboard heater up to the top of the pantry. All trying to minimize the amount of visible wires, of course. Any ideas on any of these steps or new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I had an idea to to minimize the wires with an HDMI switch at the bottom of the pantry and to use an IR extender to be able to connect to the Fios box and HTPC within the pantry. I already have both IR extenders and would just need an HDMI switch. Not sure if I should even bother with an HDMI switch and just get longer HDMI cables to run them directly to the Fios box and HTPC. I would need a minimum of 20ft of HDMI cable to reach the top of the pantry. Probably would get 25 ft just to be sure and to have some slack. There is a power outlet behind the TV and one just next to the pantry which I would have to get an extension cable into the top of the pantry. Any ideas on how to hide everything or a better way of doing it all is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Puwaha's Avatar Puwaha 11:54 AM 07-06-2013
I guess it really depends on how "clean" you want the fireplace area to look. You have enough room to install a "box" style mantle in between your tv and fireplace. Though, it would stick out quite a ways from the surface to have the depth to house components.

I see that you have your air conditioning vent in the ceiling, so you should most likely have attic access above the room. You cold drop cables behind the walls to the same area where your fios cable access is behind the TV (probably have to drop electrical power too.) And you could drop the other connections to the wall area behind your pantry for you components. Go to your nearest big-box hardware store and in the electronics section they usually have all kinds of good stuff to give you ideas on hiding wires (cable channels for the walls) or receptacles for power, HDMI, ethernet, and more all in one package.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 03:08 PM 07-06-2013
Use an RF remote so you don't even see the IR receiver and cabling to the cabinet. You need a pretty thick HDMI cable for that run Get a high speed one from

I have a similar situation and have an HDMI Cable, Power Cable, center channel cable and Ethernet patch cord zip tied together and neatly tucked along the base board and then up the side of the fireplace. It works very well and I cannot go through the wall as it is solid brick of the fire place.
Mrkazador's Avatar Mrkazador 04:05 PM 07-06-2013

I don't know how they install rock veneers but I wonder if you could slide a power and HDMI cable in between the bricks and veneer. Another option is to clear the grout on the rock veneer and put a cable in there, fill it back up with grout tongue.gif

Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 04:22 PM 07-06-2013
It is possible to fish it in too. That looks to be a thin set mortar veneer and only the thickness of tile so running it through the grout space is probably difficult to hide.
Andy_Steb's Avatar Andy_Steb 05:54 PM 07-06-2013
I would go straight through the wall and then into the attic.
Because outside walls are hard to deal with in the attic, I would drill through the ceiling above the cabinet and connect the two with a 2" piece of PVC
Redeyex's Avatar Redeyex 07:32 PM 07-07-2013
I like the idea of taking out some grout and hiding the wires in there. Think Im going to try that and then use some cable management system to hide it down the side of the mortar and to the base board. I cant go into the ceiling as this is the first floor and there is no crawl space. Those veneers are pretty thick. Thanks for the ideas!
DanPackMan's Avatar DanPackMan 05:51 AM 07-08-2013
You could try pulling off the heater and baseboard and running cables behind the baseboard, cutting away some drywall if needed, then up inside the wall to about the bottom of the TV (alternatively, behind the crown moulding & down). From there, if the mortar trick doesn't work (be careful matching color), you could install a mantle like shelf that extends past the veneer & run the cables inside or behind the shelf.
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