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massaki's Avatar massaki 05:08 PM 07-12-2013
I'm using ffdshow with Windows Media Player Classic and I'm wondering if there's any kind of way to emulate the cue dots/dirt noise you'd usually see on a cinema screen watching a movie?

Any help appreciated, even if it's just flat out telling me it's impossible smile.gif


massaki's Avatar massaki 05:17 PM 07-12-2013
I just realized this is totally the wrong forum, I am so sorry.
renethx's Avatar renethx 05:54 PM 07-12-2013
AddGrain() in Avisynth script.
massaki's Avatar massaki 07:23 PM 07-12-2013
Thanks, but I was looking for cinema spots, like the cigarette burns Tyler talks about in Fight Club.

Does Avisynth have any kind of filters?
Mrkazador's Avatar Mrkazador 07:35 PM 07-12-2013
I know you can overlay images using avisynth at a certain frame so that would probably work.
Avisynth is a very powerful tool and will make your head explode if you never used it before.
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