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manuetdeo's Avatar manuetdeo 03:52 PM 08-19-2013
when i set up my new CPU/mobo i just put my 550ti in and ran with it. noiw i would like to try and run it without the discreet card but cant figure out how to reenable my onboard stuff. i tried uninstalling and deleting the nvidia drivers, but with no card in the slot the screen stays blank, even vga wont work. any ideas?

cpu is g2020
board is GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 Intel B75 HDMI

card is nvidia 550ti stock

Mrkazador's Avatar Mrkazador 04:05 PM 08-19-2013

You might need to enable it in the bios. Clearing the CMOS will revert the bios to default settings which should have integrated video enabled.

im bored's Avatar im bored 09:13 PM 08-19-2013
Usually its as simple as physically removing your Video Card (550ti) out of your PC and during the next boot bios should rout the video through the built in components.
manuetdeo's Avatar manuetdeo 06:43 PM 08-20-2013
thats the problem, i get no video if i take the card out; no bios, nothing?

i wonder if its because this board has dual uefi bios?
Andy_Steb's Avatar Andy_Steb 06:52 PM 08-20-2013
Put the 550ti back in. Then enable onboard video in Bios. Shut down and pull 550ti
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 07:39 PM 08-20-2013
If you reset the BIOS it will return to default, which is to use the onboard video if there is not an add in card detected. Look in your manual (or closely at the mobo) and you will find a jumper you can move that will reset the BIOS. An alternative method is to unplug the power supply from the wall and remove the battery. Wait a few minutes (or short the battery terminals with a jewlers screwdriver or such) and put the battery back in. Plug in the PC and power on, the BIOS should be reset.
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