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idividebyzero's Avatar idividebyzero 09:17 PM 09-03-2013
When I set the windows settings to 7.1 speakers Pro Logic IIx doesnt use the side speakers with a 5.1 source. I only get sound out of the speakers when playing a 7.1 PC game (I dont have a bluray player installed right now so I havent tested video). If I set the speakers to 5.1 then it works, but I will lose true 7.1.

It works like it should on the PS3 but not the PC, is there a setting somewhere or does it just not work with 7.1 speaker config?

fitbrit's Avatar fitbrit 10:32 PM 09-03-2013
In 7.1 mode, your PC is sending out a null signal over the rear channels. Your AV receiver isn't matrixing the rears because it thinks it's getting a "real" rear signal, albeit a silent one.
Are you using HDMI as an output, or spdif or something else?
renethx's Avatar renethx 06:55 AM 09-04-2013
Windows Audio Engine upmixes 5.1 to 7.1 (if your speakers setting in Windows is 7.1) with null signals in the two channels. The solution is bypass Windows Audio Engine by WASAPI exclusive mode.
idividebyzero's Avatar idividebyzero 06:18 PM 09-04-2013
Im using HDMI (nvidia)

How do I do WASAPI exclusive mode? Is it just the "allow applications to take exclusive control" checkbox in the playback device properties? I already have those 2 checked.

I changed the speaker configuration in Shark007 to "same as input" and that fixed the 5.1 files, but the LPCM stereo stuff still doesnt work with Pro Logic, which is my main goal. LPCM is also a lot louder that it should be and doesnt sound as good.

Is there a way to get LPCM stereo set as 2 channels instead of 7.1?
renethx's Avatar renethx 11:35 PM 09-04-2013
It is the audio renderer's role to select WASAPI shared mode (normal mode) or exclusive mode. Audio renderer that support WASAPI exclusive mode are ReClock, MPC-BE's audio renderer, JRiver MC, MediaPortal, XBMC.

Only in WASAPI exclusive mode, you will get unmolested LPCM.
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