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09-06-2013 | Posts: 1
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I have Windows 7 and have been using WMC for live TV. After about 2 months of smooth operation my channels stopped coming in all of the sudden. I opened the HomeRun prime software and rescanned for channels and only 20 random channels came in as opposed to about 150 (extended cable and HD channels through COX). The HomeRun software says 95% signals strength and 100% quality. The tuners are all recognized by Windows and WMC. I went and got a new CableCard and activated it, and I still have the same problem. The HD channels start at 1000 and the software scan stopped before it even reached 1000.


-Tuner stopped finding channels after 2 months
-Device and tuners recognized by Windows and WMC
-Strong signal (95%)
-Replace CableCard to no avail
-Channel scan doesnt even go to 1000 (where HD channels start)

I haven't reinstalled the tuner drivers yet. Any suggestions on where the breakdown is occurring? Thanks
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By chance have you re-run the setup within WMC to see if you get the channels back? Even though the channels appear in the HD homerun setup/gui they may not match what shows up on WMC. Also within WMC there is an option to force channels to appear in the Settings-> TV -> Guide -> Edit Channels.

Hopefully something in this link will be helpful: http://www.hdhomerun.com/support/hdhomerun/instructions/wmc7/
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Take a look at this in SD's FAQ for the prime - http://www.silicondust.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=11326#p62840
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The HDhomerun maintains the actual channel lineup internally and you can see it via the built in webserver.

Point a browser at the homerun's ip address and you will be presented with the main menu.

One of the options will be the channel lineup.

Click on the link and see if all the expected channels are there,

if the channels are missing you should contact Cox ,

if all channels are there, the problem is between the homerun and WMC.
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