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I'm very interested in this thread and the findings. I'm fairly new to Media Servers. Like Ixion, I watch on a quality 1080p projector.

I didn't want to re-encode any of my movies but I find that VC1 gives me fits and I don't trust it. Also, surprisingly DVDs play back poorly so I believe they will benifit from convertion to H.264.

I don't think I'll re-encode my native H.264 files but after reading through this tread I do think I will re-do all the audio as Flac... why not... It's lossless and sounds great to me.

I have a bad intolerance to blocky-ness.... When I go through life and look around, I don't see blocks everywhere generally and when I scene goes to black if it goes to blocks then the whole re-encode operation was pointless to me.

I mention this because the other day I tried to convert my DVD copy of Mean Girls to H.264 and I think I did this with high profile defaults and I could watch more than a minute or two... stuff was blocky and I just can't deal with that.

So... I'm hoping some of the findings above can yield some worthwhile re-encodings. I'm willing to try... esp for my VC1 files... I hate VC1 now.. real bad.

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Tried to re-encode another DVD (The 39 steps) using setting here and fade to black has been replaced with fade to blocks. I think I give up on Handbrake..... I'll focus on getting a playback system that support non-re-encoded file playback.

Blocky Blacks is something I can't stand... And I don't think I've ever made a handbrake encode that didn't have them.
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You're probably using sub-optimal settings. If you used something insane like CRF 11 with deblocking on 1:1, you ought to have no blocks anywhere. On the other hand, you wouldn't save much space, either. DVD sources often have blocking to start with, anyway.
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I posted this on plex media forum, but wanted to post it here since the start of this originated on AVS forum.

:::::these are the settings i am using below. It gives me a pretty good quality picture and encode speeds of 75 to 200 plus fps. Entire movies compressed in 15 minutes.:::::

I recently started ripping my dvds and blu rays to a mycloud unit attached to my netgear nighthawk which i stream to xbox and roku devices. I have, as have many newbies, spent hours trying to decipher and find that perfect set of values for handbrake. (that is once i figured out there was a makemkv and handbrake out there )

I have been ripping my hd dvds to my computer also by hooking up an xbox 360 HD dvd player to my computer and using MakeMKV.

That all being said, i had mainly used the high profile settings or the apple 3 tv settings but it was taking an hour and a half to two hours for each blu ray and i thought there had to be a faster way to do this and still maintain quality.

well after about 2 hours of searching i stumbled upon a thread on AVS that gave me my first clue on how to accomplish this. (while typing this , just finished encoding Transformers : Dark side of the moon , in 15 minutes with an average fps of 206)

I am not going to repeat what each site said buy rather go over the basics and point you to them for the details.

To start with -
Rip your movie as normal using MakeMKV

The first site is
Estimating Handbrake encoding speed (comparing other CPU benchmarks)
and this is where i found out about QSV = Quick Sync Video
some of the members on here were discussing these crazy compression speeds which set me off trying to figure out what QSV was.
It seems quite a bit of the new computers are already equipped with it, but it may take a little work to get it going.
One of my computers already had it activated, the other one was a little more difficult.

To activate QSV, if you have it, you can go to this site for directions and a link to check your processor to see if it is available on your machine.
another site i found to help me with this (because i was having some difficulty) was

I have an HP Envy 700-230, i had to restart the computer, hit the exit key to enter the start up menu, select bios setting, enable Intel graphics, hit f10 to save, go back and make the intel graphics my primary video driver instead of Nvidea. Once i had done this and restarted, i followed the rest of the directions on the mirillis site.

once you get it activated....
I have handbrake version 10.1 on one computer and if you go to Tools / option / video, you will see "disable Quick Sync Decoding" ,
This should not be grayed out. if it is grayed out, you still dont have QSV set up properly. If it is not grayed out, then leave it unchecked and you are good to go.
that being said.
one of the pages above said you wanted to use the nightly build version of Handbrake to get that option, but it is in the 10.1 version also,
i am wondering if the nightly build version runs faster.
both computers have the same processor, intel I7 -4770 3.40 ghz
1st computer is running with
32 mb of ram and the newly download nightly build version of handbrake (version HandBrake-svn6902_x86_64-Win_GUI.exe
(available at http://handbrake.fr/nightly.php )

2nd Computer is is running with
16 mb of ram and version 10.1 of handbrake

1st computer is getting avg FPS of 200
2nd computer is getting avg FPS of 75

which both are way up from the 25 FPS i was getting.
I do plan on trying to download the Nightly Build version of handbrake onto computer two to see if the speed goes up.
(update: downloaded nightly build version of handbrake on computer 2, saw no increase in speed. don't know why it is slower, but still happy with the 75+ compared to the previous 25 fps, could be the lower ram or something else.)

Setting being used with handbrake
  • Select High Profile
  • Picture tab - leave at high profile defaults
  • Filter Tab - Select Decomb, then select fast from box below. i read somewhere that leaving on default actually runs slower than just select fast. Also read, the decomb doesnt actually activate unless needed so doesnt hurt anything to be selected.
  • Video Tab - Video Codec = H.264 (intel QSV), Constant quality = 20,
    optimise video section - encoder preset = balanced , h.264 profile - auto

These are the settings i am playing with for now.
at these speeds, it wont hurt to try some different settings and see what works best.
ie ... playing with the h.264 profile and the Constant Quality

update: encoding Edge of Tomorrow now ( 2/14/15, 9:46 pm Central) and changed the encoder preset to best quality and left constant quality at 20 to see what difference it would make.
this is on computer 1. Encode speed drop from avg of 200 FPS to 98 FPS but will still finish encode in about 25 minutes.
Will let you know what the quality is like. plan to do it a second time using stats above and then comparing both.

I already looked at battleships on a 50 inch tv streamed over the roku with a Constant quality of 21 and it looked pretty good.

Hope this helps,
if any of the links dont work let me know
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