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Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 01:33 PM 10-07-2013
Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post

EDIT: This is a 48 hour sale, ending at 11:59 PM on the 8th.

Normally don't worry about these, but the e-mail I got came garbled so I had to suss it out. Figured I'd pass on the info:
Seagate Desktop HDD.15 ST4000DM000 4TB

$170 with $20 promo code: EMCYTZT4562

Just a heads up for those of you that like paying $50 more for "NAS" drives this is not a bad deal.

lordhutt's Avatar lordhutt 02:21 PM 10-07-2013
Dammit.... just ordered the exact same drive from Amazon
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 07:12 PM 10-07-2013
It ends up being $150 after using the promo code!
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 06:29 AM 10-08-2013
Nice huh ? biggrin.gif
StardogChampion's Avatar StardogChampion 06:40 AM 10-08-2013
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 07:00 PM 10-13-2013
Good find. Staples had the same drive with the $25 off coupon for $125 biggrin.gif
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:08 PM 10-18-2013
Hitachi 4TB's on sale again. Also Toshiba 3TB 7200rpm on SHELL shocker at the Egg today.
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