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10-01-2013 | Posts: 261
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I recently upgraded my HTPC. with two infiniTV4 tuners (8 cable streams total) and 4 xbox360 extenders, I found that my old sandy bridge was choking too often. Time to upgrade.

My new HTPC has the following components:

MSI Z87M-G43 Motherboard
Intel i5 haswell 4430
16gb Corsair vengence
Data on 3TB hard drive
Windows 8
Total media theater (I have both 5 and 6)

Sony 55HX929 TV
Denon AVR-X4000

For some reason, when ever I try to watch a 3d movie, the tv doesn't recognize that it is getting a 3d signal and the video looks like it is the old stereoscopic 3d (red & cyan). I have no idea what the culprit is. After hors of checking setting in the tv, computer, receiver, and this forum... I am clueless what the cause is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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10-01-2013 | Posts: 261
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one other thing, the motherboard, cpu and ram are still new. So if I made a mistake getting one or more of them, I can still return it and swap it for something that will work.

Also, I had a radeon 7750 that I also tested in this and it did the same thing.

Prior to upgrading the computer, 3D worked just fine with this tv and receiver.

As a point of reference, the previous had:
Asus P8H67-M LE
Intel i3 Sandy Bridge (can't remember which one)
4GB ram
windows 7
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10-02-2013 | Posts: 261
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does anyone have any suggestions?
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10-02-2013 | Posts: 227
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It might be worth trying the HTPC directly into the TV without the receiver and see if that makes any difference (if you haven't already)

You could also try either Arcsoft or Cyberlink 3D advisor, just to check if they see anything they don't like - Arcsoft 3D Asistant or Cyberlink 3D Advisor.
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10-02-2013 | Posts: 6,564
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There is a setting in TMT to select the 3D type. I think you have to do this from the main TMT program before the WMC TMT will see it. It needs set to whatever matches your video connection (Intel).

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