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slosvt's Avatar slosvt 09:58 AM 10-19-2013
Here is a quick run down of my current HTPC setup...

  • Windows 8
  • Intel G1610
  • Asrock B75-GL
  • Intel 64gb SSD
  • 4gb ram
  • 2TB and 3TB HDD

Currently connected as follows HTPC -> DVI/HDMI -> Denon AVR1713 -> HDMI-> Panasonic VT60

The TV is newly purchased and I was not interested in 3D playback when I first built the HTPC. I am interested in suggestions to upgrade/replace my current setup to achieve proper 3D playback.

Primary use is .mkv viewing thru MPC-HC (w/madvr) & Media Browser Client/WMC for movie playback bitstreamed to the Denon with HD Audio. I also have Sickbeard, Couch Potato, SABNZBD, MakeMKV and other HTPC applications installed on this machine. Thus far I have few complaints when viewing thru the primary display, but I do not believe the G1610 is strong enough to support multiple devices streaming at the same time via Media Browser Server. I also do not believe I am getting ideal playback when watching 1080p23 files (judder is very noticeable on Pixar movies).

The display is properly calibrated using Chromapure coupled with an i1 Display 3/i1 Pro combo.

I see my options as follows:
  1. Build a server
  2. Build a 3D HTPC and reallocate the use of my current HTPC (likely move to my son)
  3. Upgrade my current HTPC to achieve 3D playback (not sure it will be ideal due to the G1610)

I will not be making the move until after X-Mas, but I would like to start planning/acquiring pieces if the price is right. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 01:28 PM 10-19-2013
Sounds like a job for Radeon 6570 man

He's a super hero GPU card that can save you from lack of 3D playback for under $50

That's your easiest solution to get 3d and would work fine with your CPU

But you still might want a server or mess with things

Also the GPU card will improve MADVR, it's better than iGPU

You should get better madvr results and prevent the stuttering.

RADEON 7790 '($99-$120) is top end choice if you want to get serious with GPU and/or think you might upgrade your CPU later. That should get you good results in madvr on the higher levels. (Jinc3/AR)
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