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I have one issue after moving from Wireless HDMI to doing a 50 foot cable run, when I switch between LiveTV and Recorded TV I get a "Display Driver Error", all I have to do to clear it is toggle the screen mode (full/windowed) and then I can flip back. Very occasionally will do it going from one recorded show to another. It gets no other errors, like Video or HDCP.

I had this problem with the Wireless boxes also but it was rare, and if I drag the HTPC to the Receiver/TV it also happens but very rarely also, it was also the same with my prior receiver, as Sony DA2400ES, again it was the same, rare, where with the cable it is 100% between Live TV and Recorded TV, yet Recoded TV to Live TV is about 50/50.

The Cable and HDMI Booster are the only new parts in the chain, nothing else changed on my system, my video and TV card drivers are the latest and were in before I tried the cable.

I know the obvious is it is the cable and/or booster and I tend to agree but I have tried 3 cables before this one, none of which worked without a booster and 2 other boosters, until the current combination it was a mess, with some nothing worked, others dropped audio or had HDCP errors or Video errors often requiring a reboot and power cycle on everything to recover and very touchy about the power to sequence.

No doubt this has aggravated the problem, I am wondering if there is something else to try, I do not mind throwing some money at the problem if it will knock out this last issue. The only requirement I have on any spend it is has to be from a place that it can be returned, there is an amazing amount of product in the space that just does not work as claimed or even close to it. I suspect this is some nature of the beast with so many moving pieces and some is really junk. Amazon Prime is my friend…

Given that the problem has always been there and is now worse, I am wondering if there are no other players in the mix that a tweak might help, any ideas will be appreciated.

My signal chain is the following: (system details at end)

HP Pavilion/nVidia GT440 --> HDMI Switch (manual) --> 50' 24AWG HDMI cable --> Tripp Lite HDMI Booster --> Gefen HDMI Detective -->6’ HDMI --> Sony STR-DA1800ES --> Samsung 64F8500

We have been running for a week now and it is rock solid stable (no PC side issues or AV side) and the picture from HD channels is great and from Blu-Ray outstanding so a big improvement over the wireless but it would be nice to nail this last issue.

HP Pavilion w/ Intel 6 Core Extreme / 24GB RAM / 2x500GB SSD / 2x2TB SATA / 16TB JBOD eSATA Array
Ceton PCIe with a Comcast CableCard / latest Ceton drivers
nVidia GT440 - Driver Ver 331.58
HDMI A-B Switch (switches between the second local monitor and the AV system, manual/mechanical switch, not used a lot)
Tripp Lite P568-050-P 50-feet High Speed v1.3 HDMI 24AWG Cable
Tripp Lite HDMI Booster (1080p/HDCP Supported)
Gefen HDMI Detective (sw 4 on to support HDCP)
6 Foot High Speed HDMI Cable (26AWG)
Sony STR-DA1800ES
Samsung 64F8500 64” Plasma TV
OS - Win7 64 Ultimate -- current everything at the system level
WMC is the center of the HTPC from a user perspective, w/CyberLink Blu-Ray plug-in

- The problem is exactly the same with or without the Gefen in the chain, the Gefen keeps the PC from getting confused, since using it I have never had to reboot to get the audio back and the PC never gets confused about what is hooked up. (if you use one make sure to leave switch 4 on after you program it, that passes HDCP through)
- Without the booster I get no picture at all and the PC reports nothing connected
- Other than this error the system is very stable, playing games, watching TV, live or recorded, movies and such all work without any issues.
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Have you tried connecting the HDMI Detective right to the output of the GT440 (ahead of everything)?

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