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PeterS's Avatar PeterS 08:10 AM 11-01-2013
When the AVR goes off the HTPC looses connection to the HDMI display. Ergo, I loose the picture resolution and the audio link - until, upon restarting the AVR, I reboot the PC - to re-establish the link.

Is there any software I can use on the HTPC which will override the lack of EDID coming when the AVR is off so it does not loose connection to the audio output and display?


oman321's Avatar oman321 08:22 AM 11-01-2013
Does your receiver offer passthru on HDMI? Got a new receiver recently, that was a change I needed to make in the receiver's settings.
tehowell's Avatar tehowell 08:24 AM 11-01-2013
There's hardware that can do that...

HDMI Detective
PeterS's Avatar PeterS 08:29 AM 11-01-2013
I have a Theta Casablanca - don't see that type of option.

I will check.
PeterS's Avatar PeterS 08:35 AM 11-01-2013
Checked out the Geffen piece - only HDMI 1.3 support.

I am sure I saw some software for the PC which fixed this.
oman321's Avatar oman321 08:39 AM 11-01-2013

According to the link the Theta 1.4 HDMI upgrade offers pass through
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