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gpmc's Avatar gpmc 02:53 AM 11-25-2013
I recently upgraded my video card from a Sapphire 5770 to a more powerful 7790.
I upgraded Catalyst to 13.9 (having done a full removal of the previous installation to have a clean system) and now I'm experiencing a big audio issue when playing BD's (PowerDVD 13 Ultra upgraded to latest patch).
All audio effects, music, etc are fine and play good respect to the volume setting, but voices are inaudible even with volume level at 100% with music and effects really dangerous for my ears.
Obviously with my "old" 5770 everything was perfect.
Any recommendation?
Thanks in advance!

Roussi's Avatar Roussi 12:27 PM 11-25-2013
Looks like you are missing the center channel.

Are you bitstreaming? If yes, does your AVR report the correct audio format? If not, does it report receiving all 5 channels?

You may be getting stereo PCM only.
gpmc's Avatar gpmc 12:18 AM 11-26-2013
It was Reclock causing such issue with PowerDVD 13.
I removed it, installed again but with no support to PowerDVD (options unselected in the setup) and everything is OK again.
Now Reclock is only working with MPC-HC and it's fine.
Maybe it could be interesting to have a proper setup of Reclock to be used also with PowerDVD.
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