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Would you consider building an ARM based HTPC?

Some of the discussion in various threads has me thinking about the idea of a custom built HTPC using an ARM chip and presumably Android as the OS.

My general interest in this is to marry the capabilities of XBMC, Media Browser and/or Plex with the large library of streaming apps built for Android. App development for things like HBO Go and WatchESPN is slim to none on Windows (with admittedly some activity for W8). This would be more like the DIY equivalent of a Fire TV, Roku, or Ouya.

I found this board on Newegg. Way too expensive at $180, but with a Cortex A15, Kepler GPU, and expansion slots/ports it would certainly be up to the task of an HTPC.


So what do you think? At the right price with the right drivers would you ever consider a board like that for an Android HTPC? Would you even call something based on Android an HTPC?

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Originally Posted by pittsoccer33 View Post
Would you even call something based on Android an HTPC?

Does the machine run XBMC and presumably Media Browser flawlessly, while streaming at 1080P with top-quality sound? If so, it's a HTPC. The OS doiesn't define a HTPC, what it can do does. If it weren't for making use of Storage Spaces, I would have strongly considered a high-power Android PC for my needs. But I needed a NAS solution, which came down to Synology or Storage Solutions. I ran into a rash of difficulties trying to deal with Synology, so I dropped them from the running and Storage Spaces won out. But that meant running a Windows 8.1 machine for me.
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Old 07-19-2014, 02:33 PM
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In the broad sense I think you could consider it an HTPC, but I would consider it to be more of an embedded device/appliance by virtue of running Android.

I can see some potential in a system based on this, especially if Android TV ever ends up supporting CableCard DVR functionality. Actually, if that happens, I would imagine WMC use would see a precipitous fall, and a lot of Cablecard users who are tired of the quirks/limitations of WMC would flock to an Android solution.

An Android DVR that supported Plex/MB3 as well as NetFlix/Hulu/Amazon and network apps like HBO and ESPN? That's a home theater enthusiasts wet dream.

If Android TV did get that functionality, I would expect a lot of enthusiasts to implement home built solutions, but I would expect some companies out there (Roku or even SiliconDust) to roll out complete plug and play solutions eventually.

Without Live TV & DVR functionality I think it would basically be competing with Roku devices, and I'm not sure what there would be to gain by going with a home built solution.
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Old 07-19-2014, 03:02 PM
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Can you run Windows on it? No?

No Cablecard support = No go.

<topic closed>
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Old 07-19-2014, 05:02 PM
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I would but a tegra k1 seems a bit excessive for a media box.

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Actually, despite needing Storage Spaces for the actual disk farm, if I had the know-how I would be all over putting together Android HTPCs for the clients, especially now that XBMC has a full version for Android. Unfortunately, I do not possess the wherewithal to build a PC from scratch myself.
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