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HDHomeRun over internet or through Slingbox?

Hey folks,

I've got a unique situation and I was hoping for some insight.

I have both a Slingbox 350 and a HDHomeRun Prime.

I'd like to be able to stream local Philly sports from my parents' house in NJ to my house in CT. They have 35mbps up/down FIOS, and I've got 50mbps down Optimum. Currently I am using the Slingbox 350 and it works fine, but I'd like to have the DVR functionality from the HDHomeRun Prime, and replace a ~$12/mo cable box with a $4/mo CableCARD since I've got the HDHomeRun Prime anyway. I've got a couple options, and was wondering if anyone had tried any of them. The TLR is that I am trying to get HDHomeRun Prime functionality combined with Slingbox compression.

Option 1 - Set up HDHomeRun in NJ, try to use a VPN to connect directly to it from a HTPC in CT. I don't think this will work because as far as I know, HDHomeRun doesn't compress at all, and 35Mbps upload will be too slow.

Option 2 - Set up HDHomeRun in NJ, try to use some sort of compression software in conjunction with a VPN. This seems like it could be the best option, but I don't know if software like this exists. I'd love to be able to get something like Slingbox does where it compresses and adjusts quality on the fly to keep the video smooth. Is there a program that does something like what I'm looking for?

Option 3 - Set up HDHomeRun in NJ, using VGA output to a VGA to Component video converter to the component video input on the Slingbox, then use the slingbox normally. This seems clunky and complicated, and adds in an unnecessary digital to analog to digital conversion just to use Slingbox's nice compression functionality, but seems like it would work.

Option 4 - Keep the functionality separate, have a HDHomeRun in NJ just for recording and copy files over via FTP to watch them, use the Slingbox plus the cable box for live TV. This is the least complicated and lowest risk, but the highest monthly price and loses the ability to pause and rewind when watching live.

I'd appreciate any insight you could offer.
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I think people usually use MB3, Plex or Remote Potato for streaming from an HTPC. Slingbox is more for cable boxes, disc players and other devices. I use Remote Potato.
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Verizon Fios usually doesn't protect so you have more options... if you are worried about protection, easiest option but probably the most complicated setup would be prime, wmc pc, xbox 360 S, sling Box... will work for anything... I got a little confused about you having the sling box and prime (and the sling box working fine) as separate ones need to be at your parent's house so they will have to be the ones to get the prime and cablecard (I think fios now charges $5-$7 for cablecard, not the $2-4 most others charge... comcast can be high too if it is in a 2nd device on the account)

Option 1: unless you were talking about the possibility of accessing many shows simultaneously, the max rate it could be 38.8Mbps as that is the (usual) limit per channel of qam the prime can understand, however usually most figure an "uncompressed" mpeg 2 stream to be at most 19.4 Mbps (ATSC limitation) so unless it is a 3D channel, most are under 18Mbps so it is doable... I have heard of people getting this to work with unprotected programs... with protection there are restrictions in the delay to ensure you are indeed on the local LAN.

Option 2: Should not really be needed but you could try...

Option 3: I would probably do my solution involving the xbox before this. Requires PC at house for this task

Option 4:A good fall back option

Option 5: HDHRFling... works with unprotected channels only, requires a significant PC at parents house to transcode on the fly properly.

Once you have the PC there, many possibilities are available.
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Another option is openvpn, combined with a dynamic dns host. To me, this is the most elegant solution, since you are securely accessing your home network directly. No additional remote access software required.

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I already tried this. I was VPNing into my house (OpenVPN) and streaming my HDHR content remotely. The problem isn't the upload bandwidth (35mbps is more than enough), the problem is the latency. The packets just don't arrive at the destination quickly enough, and unless you buffer at the destination, watching live HD is quite "jerky". If you let it stream a bit and then rewind it, let's say 5 minutes or so, it works flawlessly.

SD is almost ok, for the most part.
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Remote potato and HDHR fling sound like just the ticket. I installed remote potato and I will try it out tomorrow.
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