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luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 12:06 PM 01-30-2003
Hi all,
I've been using Dscaler with my IOMagic card for about a year now, and recently the whole picture has started 'jumping' up and down a few pixels quite randomly. Anyone seen this, or have any ideas on what I can hunt down to fix the problem?

As add'l info, I recently replaced my Radeon 7200 with an AIW 8500DV, but can't be absolutely sure that the timing correlates. I suppose I can just wait 'til ATI support in Dscaler settles down for good and dump the IOMagic...

RobScreene's Avatar RobScreene 01:29 PM 01-30-2003
I've seen this happen when your input card is dropping frames.

This can be because you are maxing your cpu power by using multiple filters or TomsMoComp deinterlacing or even because of a bad video cable connection.

This was covered within the last few moths, so a search for "dscaler drop frame" might get you more.

luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 02:04 PM 01-30-2003
I've seen dropped frames before, and this ain't it. It's not a stutter or a skip - it's a full blown bounce ie. the entire image moves down the back to normal almost instantly. Changing deinterlace modes has no effect, even running a 'simple' filter and my CPU rarely gets above 50%.
pawn's Avatar pawn 08:41 PM 01-30-2003
I bought an Iomagic tuner/capture card last week and have noticed the exact same thing. It really only bothers me when a menu or banner is on the screen.

I doubt it's a dropped frame problem, since I use zero misc. filters and BOB video deinterlace, which is as simplae as it gets.

Have you recently upgraded your Dscaler software? I use Version 4 Public Alpha 1. I'm going to be playing with this quite a bit over the next while. I'll update this thread if I stumble uppn something.
luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 03:22 PM 01-31-2003
Yeah, I'm 99.99% sure it's not a software issue - it seems like some sort of electrical/rf/etc interference, but it's definitely new... Anyone have any ideas on grounding or shielding these cards?
bonfigleo's Avatar bonfigleo 05:13 PM 01-31-2003
I have had this exact problem. When I see it it is a regular jump of the picture that is most noticable one stationary graphics (any tivo menu). I have had it and had it go away on new installations of dscaler. I might suggest that you try the latest list only release 4.1.5 as it is really nice.

Bottom line, reinstall until it goes away. I don't think that it has anything to do with hardware. I'm using a sdi silk card wchich is different than yours.
Laurent Garnier's Avatar Laurent Garnier 04:37 AM 02-01-2003
Could you check if you have the same jumping with an old stable version of DScaler (3.2 for example) ?

I have the same jumping effect visible on no motion scenes but I don't know if it is new or not. ('JUmping effect" is probably not the good term)

Laurent - DScaler team
bonfigleo's Avatar bonfigleo 05:14 AM 02-01-2003
I only ran 3 for a short while but never saw this jumping. I have seen it on all versions of 4 that I have used. My current installation of 4.1.5 does not currently have the problem.

Also, every time that I have succeeded in getting rid of the jumping, it has not ever come back. (Until I installed a new copy of DScaler)
Laurent Garnier's Avatar Laurent Garnier 03:12 AM 02-02-2003
I reply to myself. The problem I am talking about is probably different from yours. Mine is not really a jump but more a deinterlacing artefact. It only appears with certain deinterlace mode (probably a bobbing artefact). And I have checked that it was already here in version 3.

Laurent - DScaler team
Brian Morris's Avatar Brian Morris 05:11 PM 02-03-2003
were did you download 4.1.5 from ? At there site I only get 4.

dolomite's Avatar dolomite 08:39 AM 02-07-2003
I had this exact problem when using DScaler at custom resolutions. I was running DScaler at 960x540p with 0 dropped frames and getting a jump every 5 or six seconds. If I switch to a standard resolution...800x600, 1024x768, etc there is no jumping problem. hope this helps