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minchin's Avatar minchin 03:25 PM 03-19-2003
I have seen quite a few reference to the Provideo 256T on the forum and seems that it works well. I was wondering if anyone has used a Provideo 256CDV. It doesn't have the turner but has a DV input. Does anyone know if it will convert directly from DV->MPEG2 using the onboard hardware codec?

For that matter, are there any card out there that can do the DV->MPEG2 hardware compression? Heard that Vidac VMagic could do transcoding, but don't know a place to purchase one in the US.... I mainly want to convert directly from
DV->MPEG2... or at the very least transcode with hardware.
I guess there might be some that cost thousands of dollars that can do this, I am looking for some more affordable solution.

In general, is the Stream Machine 2210 superior or inferior to the iTVC15/16 on the Hauppauge?


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