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rorybbellows's Avatar rorybbellows 05:11 PM 05-05-2001
What's the difference. If two tv's are capable of displaying 800 lines of resolution and one is digital and one is analog and the source is my computer, how does the electronics of the tv(aside from the tube) make any difference?

I know most analog tv's don't have vga in, but many do have component in and there are a lot of vga to component adapters available now. So what am I gaining with a digital tv if my computer will always be handling the video processing? Is there some reason why I can't display the full resolution of the analog tv from my computer (eg 800x600)? Thanks.
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Namlemez's Avatar Namlemez 09:29 PM 05-05-2001
An analog TV with component input will only take 480i signals. It might have an internal scaler that would scale it up for 800 lines, but generally it will look very bad comparatively.

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rorybbellows's Avatar rorybbellows 12:22 AM 05-06-2001
I don't understand the point of designing a tv with 800 lines resolution that will only accept 480i. There must be a way to take advantage of that resolution or the tv wouldn't be designed with that resolution.
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