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Vasim Pathan's Avatar Vasim Pathan 12:42 PM 05-06-2001
I have the radeon64 and running 1600x1200 at 32bit. I noticed the desktop icons are now in 256 color only? Anyway to change that in registry? Rest of the apps and games run in 32 bit. Only the sys tray and desktop icons are in 256. any ideas whats up?

Vasim Pathan's Avatar Vasim Pathan 08:42 AM 05-07-2001
bdschuler's Avatar bdschuler 09:16 AM 05-07-2001

On the Settings Tab- True Color 32 Bit should be selected in Colors
On the EFFECTS Tab- Show Icons using all possible colors should be checked

If that still fails.

Change your backround picture to nothing and see if that helps.

Lemme know what happens.....

Vasim Pathan's Avatar Vasim Pathan 09:38 AM 05-07-2001
Thanks for the info. I got my self into this mess because i was download this software called DreamRender that allow your desktop to act as a video interface. It replaces your desktop wallpaper with MPEGs or other videos. and I was going to try and make it work with MPEG2 (.vob) files. I thought it would be great for HTPC. It screwed my system and I could uninstall it. I booted to dos and deleted the directory and went back into windows removed the program in add/remove, reinstalled display drivers, reinstalled MMC 7.1, but the desktop is still stuck at low color. I will try your suggestion. Thanks!

This was the software. be careful:

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