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miksmi's Avatar miksmi 08:46 AM 05-24-2001

Q: Anyone have the Zoltrix Genie TV WDM driver working under Win2K or WinXP?

Q: From what I've read, most people are using capture cards (mod'ed or not) in conjunction with an external tuner, like a VCR. Do KBK's mods improve capture using the internal tuner?

e vey «« , Cropsy «« , and others (thanks for the informative posts) convinced me to try ShowShifter «« for the TiVo-like PVR experience with NTSC (ATSC some day). I'd like to buy a KBK modified Zoltrix Genie TV «« and want to confirm it works with ShowShifter, which needs a WDM, not VfW, driver under Win2K or WinXP beta 2 (details on ShowShifter's forum «« ).

Zoltrix Genie TV

· Zoltrix «« Genie TV, model/PN: 8MM-ZX-GENIE, spec «« , WDM driver «« (slow site) .

KBK modified Zoltrix Genie TV

· Ken Hotte (KBK) announces capture card with improved input quality for DScaler/dTV «« .
· Vertical noise bar mod «« KBK 08-29-2001 .

· FCC regulatory compliance «« .
· Reverse engineering and ethics «« . http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

· gordf's testimonial «« is in a thread that mentions (but doesn't compare) Hauppauge WinTV.
· Chuck Luedke's testimonial compares WinTV, Dazzle II, and Radeon AIW «« .
· taylor's testimonial «« .
· Screen captures of KBK modified Zoltrix, WinTV, and CyberTainment CyberMail AV «« .

For additional threads, search for "KBK Zoltrix modif" ("modif" is my poor man's regular expression to find modify and modified). If you find others, please post them here.

How to Order 10aug2001

1. Ask Ken Hotte kbk@cyberfreak.dhs.org about availability and price (was $145 USD, including shipping).
2. Prepay via Ken's PayPal «« account kbk@goosystems.com .
3. Ken attempts to procure source Zoltrix card to modify.
4. Wait 30-60 days.

Ken is an individual doing this as a favor to AVScience members. Sometimes the Zoltrix is difficult to procure, so be prepared for slow delivery. If you are uncomfortable with these conditions, don't order.


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Chuck Luedke's Avatar Chuck Luedke 05:45 PM 05-25-2001
I use a modded Zoltrix card with Win2K. I'm about to add SP2, but I don't see why it would be an issue.

I don't know what ShowShifter is. Personally I mainly use it for dscaler. I shift show times with the Ultimate TV PVR.

miksmi's Avatar miksmi 05:54 PM 05-25-2001
hehe Chuck, I was just about to reply in the other thread . Thanks for replying.

Rats, I made all those cute links and forgot one, so here it is: ShowShifter «« is a TiVo-like PVR app.

Ultimate TV PVR, as in the Microsoft box?

What's your opinion of Zoltrix driver updates? Regular, robust, garbage? Inquirying minds want to know. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif This is the next to last thing I need to order to complete my first HTPC (with emphasis on PVR and driving sims).


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MKANET's Avatar MKANET 08:51 PM 05-26-2001
Does showshifter do deinterlacing like dscaler does? What is the quality difference between watching cable tv on showshifter vs. dscaler? Showshifter would not be worth it for me if it doesn't do deinterlacing.

As tempting as KBK's modified zoltrix card sounds, I have the same exact concerns as miksmi. Once I buy my analog capture card, I expect there to be at least as good WDM driver support under Win2k/Windows XE as Hauppauge's WinTV product.

I almost bought the Haupauge WinTV card today. However, I want to see how much better KBK's card and respective WDM driver support for Win2k and Windows XE is. I have never bought a Zoltrix product so I am a little skeptical.

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