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work permit's Avatar work permit 03:18 PM 06-09-2001
I have a 4x3 fpcrt, and am using the ati dvd player. Do i need to apply the widescreen registry hack? Ideally, of course, i wouldn't, just concerned that without it the ati player will do something stupid like throw away 1/3 of the lines, then rescale back up.

from the faq:

"After your HTPC reboots there is one key additions tweak required to the Windows registry to fully configure your ATI DVD Player for use with your HTPC and a widecreen TV monitor/projector. The ATI DVD Player will not correctly play widescreen anamophic DVD's in a widescreen mode as is essential to getting the best video performance if you have a widescreen capable TV monitor/projector. If your TV monitor/project has a standard 3x4 display and lacks the ability to vertically squeeze a widescreen DVD image for display, then this modification of the Windows registry is not necessary for your case. "



Namlemez's Avatar Namlemez 06:52 PM 06-10-2001
Widescreen hack is only needed when you have a widescreen, non-4:3 monitor. The hack is needed because the ATI player only likes square pixels normally. Anamorphic DVDs are handled seamlessly.

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