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holabr's Avatar holabr 11:36 AM 09-07-2004
I have an AIW 8500DV installed. I recently hooked up an S-video connection from a Comcast box and am feeding the audio in though the audio inputs on the ATI doggle from my stereo system tape output. The doogle in turn is plugged into my sound card. When I veiw or record via ATI TV viewer, the sound on the right side is distorted although the sound through the stereo is perfecttly clear. Also I can not get any sound recording from any non-ATI sound recorder. It is as if the input is not being passed through the doggle to the line-in of the sound card. Any suggestions? ATI software: TV version 7.7, MMC 7.7, File Player 7.6, DVD 7.7.

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