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Spelvin 10-09-2006 07:05 PM

Hello all, I am not sure where to put this, here or the projector forum, nor did any of my searches find me any answers, though I may have not searched well since I am not sure the name of the issue.

I have an HTPC with an ATI 9650 using the latest TheaterTek DVD player going to a pixel mapped Infocus Screen Play 4805 over a 25' Monoprice DVI-D to M1 cable. The problem I am having is that in some scenes of some movies it appears that the whites are blown way out and pixelated. The rest of the scene looks fine but if say the sky is brighter than the rest of the shot it looks jaggedy, almost stepped in colors like when you take a 24 bit jpg and convert it to 256 colors, though not as extreme. Example, Batman Begins @ 00:06:18. here is the screen cap of what it should look like:

Here is a doctored screen cap of what it does look like:

If requested I can take some pictures with my camera for exact examples.

Now here is what I have tried. Two different machines, one with the ATI 9650 and one with a ATI 9100. Both set pixel mapped. Both function fine with an analog monitor and show no signs of the issue. This does not show up often in a movie just when there is a lot of brightness to an area on the screen, but it is repeatable everytime. It happens in WMP10, VLC and Theatertek. I used the microsoft MPEG2 checker to make another MPEG2 Codec the primary and it still happens. So this leads me to believe it is either the cable or the projector.

Can anyone give me an idea of A) what this is called and B) if there is a fix or things to try. I did recently move and have this setup in a different location, but all the cables are routed similarly to how they were before.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you all for your time!


Spelvin 01-09-2007 03:40 PM

Sorry to rehash an old thread but thanks to a Tomshardware shootout of Purevideo versus Avivo I know the issue! It seems that neither ATI nor Nvidia bothers to turn on the Image enhancing parts of their video drivers. So the stuff I was seeing was noise.

"Compressed video will always have noise artifacts in solid colors or smooth gradients. This can be reduced with good noise reduction."


So It turns out that this was not turned on...God I feel dumb...but at least now its fixed and everything looks even better!!!

Thanks all!

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