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I know that there are quite a few Sony VPL-W400Q owners out there and maybe this post can help setting up the ATI player. The Radeon card with the ATI player is far better than anything WinDVD can do with a GeForce and it sounds every bit as good as PowerDVD. Its really gives a much better picture and the 400Q owners should be using it. Actually, I'm blow away by the picture.

Getting it to work correctly is with the 400Q is another matter.
I'm using ME, with the 7093 drivers for the card and the 4.1 player. I installed the 4.1 player from scratch without MMC.

To get anamorphic disks to work with the 400Q you need to have HEX_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\ATI Technologies\\Mulitmedia\\DVD WidescreenDisplay=1 in the registry. The reason why you need this with the 400Q is that the display will not stretch the image and this setting does that for you. Unlike many other HDTV displays, the 400Q does NOT do any stretching on its own for its HDTV inputs. In this mode YXY won't work, the image proportions can not be set correctly or resized using that program. To view 4x3 and letterbox DVDs you need to set WidescreenDisplay=0. In this case you can use YXY or DVDGenie to scale, but neither of these programs will change the proportions. The only way I know of to set the proportions correctly is to use PS to stretch the desktop.

To toggle between the registry setting I have a shortcut on my desktop to a reg patch file that sets this parameter. This doesn't require a reboot so its really easy.

The key thing, and the thing that took the most time, was setting the custom resolution so I could run the ATI player maximized and only have to use YXY(or Genie) for LTX DVDs. Once its set up its a great system.

So here is what I did using PS3 (build 124) and, of course, you must use a computer monitor when setting this up. I made a 880x496 resolution. I choose this because its very close to 16x9, and will give me a few percent overscan which I find desirable. Here are my setting in PS

Horizontal -
Front Porch=49
Sync Width=80
Back Porch=47

Vertical -
Front Porch=16
Sync Width=7
Back Porch=44

The vertical refresh rate is 59.975 Hz and the horizontal scan rate is 33.766 kHz.

To view the three different types of DVDs I do the following:
(1) Anamorphic - WidescreenDisplay=1, ATI player maximized.
(2) 4x3 - WidescreenDisplay=0, ATI player maximized.
(3) letterbox - WidescreenDisplay=0, AIT windowed with YXY.
It's very easy once you have the resolution set right.

If you want no overscan then set up a 856x480 resolution or if you want more overscan something like 924x520, or 960x540 would do that. It's very important that the resolution be close to the 16:9 ratio. If its not than you will not be able to set the correct proportions for BOTH registry settings which you have to use. As an example, I set up a 920x500 resolution that was predefined in PS. Using the 4x3 test pattern in AVIA and with WidescreenDisplay=0, I adjusted the image to get the right proportions. Then when I switched to the widescreen enhanced test pattern and WidescreenDisplay=1 they were off by over 5%. This does not happen if the resolution is close to 16:9. For the 880x496 mode the proportions are off by less than 1% for both settings.

To set the proportions you only twiddle with the horizontal parameters and the only thing that really matters is the ratio of the active pixels to the horizontal total. As this ratio increases the image becomes wider.
You can use the stretch function in PS, or to get finer control manually change the porches or sync width. Tweaking PS like this should be done on a multisync monitor and the 400Q should not be hooked up to the computer. What really makes this a pain is to check it you must switch to the 400Q, so there is a lot of back and forth stuff to get it right. And, of course, always make sure that the vertical refresh is close to 60 Hz and horizontal scan is close to 33.75 kHz. I found that not all settings will get you close enough.

After the proportions are set right you can position the overlay using the arrows on PS which can be done with the 400Q hooked up.

Hope this will benefit someone.

EDIT (08/09/01):
The statements that I made about having the WidescreenDisplay key set to 1 for anamorphic disks to work it not entirely true. Anamorphic disks will work if it is set to 1, however anamorphic disks will also work if it is set to zero. The reason why this will work is explained in the following thread Basically you have to make sure that the ScreenLayout and PrevLetterbox registry keys are both set to zero before the player is started. When I originally wrote the post I was unaware of this issue. Now if your reg patch includes setting the ScreenLayout and PrevLetterbox keys then you can have WidescreenDisplay set to zero for all types of disks.

John Moschella

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John Moschella
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Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post this. I don't have a 400Q anymore; the one I used to onw, with the HTPC I built using a Matrox G400 and Extron sync processor is at a close friend's in Denver since the middle of last year. This will be very helpful if I can ever talk him into upgrading to a Radeon; I'm using several of them at home, now.



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