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Hi all,

I've finally got my setup working, and I've dual booted with XP and Vista Ultimate. For the AverTV software in XP the tuner does not pick up digital channels over the antenna (and I assume it won't pick up channels (digital or otherwise) if I plug in the cable or settop box to the ATSC port (which is only analog, correct?)

However, for Vista Media Center, setup was easy and I had no problems getting HD over the antenna other than poor reception (or so I think, even though the Aver website says this tuner does not support QAM).

So I guess my questions are these:

1) Am I really getting HD ota with VMC?
2) Is digital cable going to work if I plug in cable to the ATSC port? (If not directly through cable, through a settop box?)
3) What kind of freeware software is as good as VMC for XP since AverTV is not doing so hot for me on XP Pro (AverTV can't detect HD ota for me in XP)?
4) Would I get better results with the Hauppage HVR-1800?

Sorry, I may have used the acronyms in the wrong fashion. Totally new to the HDTV tuner scene, and that's what I've gathered so far.

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I have this card, and like it. In VMC, it gets OTA ATSC in HD, plus SD from the cable on the other input.

As for Clear QAM, VMC does not support it, but the Aver Combo card supposedly does via their own "media center" software.

So, more direct answers to your questions:

1) Yes, you should get HD OTA in VMC with this card.
2) You can feed the set-top box output to the digital in of the AverTV card, and you can tune in the Clear QAM stations; however, they will be downconverted to SD. This is a Vista MC limitation, rather than an AverTV card limitation. No idea if MS will open up this capability.
3) No idea...
4) Again, no idea...

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Gbpvr also supports QAM on the 780, in it's latest release. I have not tried it yet, however.
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I have this card and use it with Beyond TV to record OTA digital + analog cable.

The ATSC input is digital, not analog. I use it for OTA reception/recording but it should also work for clear QAM (I have an HD-HomeRun for that) given the software you use supports QAM (ie. Aver TV, curently XP or Vista Media Center do not support QAM on this card).

The output of your cable box will be analog (over RF/composite/s-video) regardless of your cable service unless it is on a digital path (DVI/HDMI/Firewire).

If you connect the raw cable feed to the digital input of this card you should be able to tune & record any clear QAM channels (HD or otherwise) with this card given software support.

Connecting your cable box via composite or s-video to the analog input will allow you to record analog or digital (downcoverted) channels.
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Thank you so much everyone for your inputs. I think I'm going to stick with the Aver card.

Anyone know how to...separate...the functions of the included remote control so that it doesn't...take over?

Let me put it another way: I have three monitors, and right now when I hit the VMC button on the remote VMC starts on one of the monitors. However, I lose control of the system and have to alt+tab when I want to use the browser or whatever. Is there a way to separate VMC so that I can still use the desktop and watch TV on the monitors (ie not have to alt+tab)?

Thanks again all, really appreciate the help.
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