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jriggs420's Avatar jriggs420 07:21 AM 01-11-2008
Hi all, new here, hope I'm posting in the correct forum.

How can I use my existing wireless network to stream cable TV broadcast? I would also like to be able to change the channel over the network. Is this even possible? I don't have HD, so that's not a concern (yet).

I also need a recommendation on a video card that will allow me to view the cable signal on my comp to record as well as broadcast it wirelessly.

I'm on Windows XP, just a basic desktop for now. I consider myself technically adept, but this area has a steep learning curve with a multitude of options, so thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or links-


MikeE's Avatar MikeE 09:00 AM 01-11-2008
MrBostn's Avatar MrBostn 09:23 AM 01-11-2008
You may find that video over a wireless network isn't that great. You'll need to have at least a G network, and probably N. Encryption may hinder it also. You may need to shut off any security on the wireless to get enough bandwidth
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