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I suspect the power supply in my 5504 has gone bad.

Thursday afternoon I started getting "unable to connect" messages from the cron job I have that populates the a "Weather" photo directory on my Replay's with the current day's forecast. Then I noticed last night that the blue light was on, even though no one had been using it. When I switched the TV's input to it, I was greated with "you need to activate", but trying to do so immediately failed. (this is my original lifetime unit from 2001, but these days it only connects to WiRNS).

When I went to check in setup, I found all the network settings missing, along with antenna settings and my zip code. It still knew it's unit name, though. I went to redo the network settings, let it connect to the DHCP server, and shortly after it said "verifying network settings", the unit froze up with the countdown at 1:20. After a few minutes, I held the power down and rebooted it. It came up in the same state, and when I tried to redo the network settings, it rebooted shortly saying it was contacting the DHCP server.

I decided to unplug it (it was late). Today, when I plugged it back in, the blue light came on but it never started up at all; not even a "Please Wait". I'm not even sure I could hear the fan. I left it unplugged.

I'm feeling a little guilty, as for the last 9 months I've been really happy with my HTPC and dual-tuner HDHomeRun. The ReplayTVs have seen very little usage. At this point, I don't think anyone in the house that will even mourn it's passing (unlike a year ago when both of my OTA tuners died the same day).

This will leave the 5040 running all alone. I'd left the two ReplayTVs in place as a fallback in-case WMC on the HTPC didn't pan out. At this point, the only reason they are still connected was due to inertia... and a little desire to not "move on".

Not sure what I'll do next. I definitely have a "do not resuscitate" on the unit. I'll likely leave it connected (and unplugged) until something else requires me to pull out the TV stand.
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Originally Posted by jlv View Post

I suspect the power supply in my 5504 has gone bad...

...I'm feeling a little guilty, as for the last 9 months I've been really happy with my HTPC and dual-tuner HDHomeRun...

Pop the cover and check the voltages. The 3.3VDC line has been the first to go on 2 of my 5XXXs. I bought 10 (or 20?) capacitors on eBay from China for ~$4 and repaired both.

Also, losing power unexpectedly could have corrupted your HDD. You may need to re-image. If you need to replace, Newegg had Refurbished Seagate DB35 ACE 160GB IDE HDDs for $13.99 w/Free Shipping a few days ago (I got 5). Now they're back up to $16.99 - still cheap.

I have 2 SiliconDust HDHR3-US units and a Hauppauge PVR-1212 connected to my HD STB so I know what you mean about watching HD vs SD (vs Analog). But, I keep 3 ReplayTVs running (CBS, NBC, ABC) both to help fellow Poops and for the Commercial Advance. Late at night, when my vision is blurring and my eyes are closing, I don't mind watching the shows on the 5XXXs. cool.gif

Good Luck! smile.gif

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