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Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 11:40 AM 08-20-2003
I am pleased to be able to make available the second release of the new ReplayTV 5000 "toolkit".

For those not familiar with the initial release: Two utilities were included to allow editing of downloaded ReplayTV 5000 streams, performing edits (commercials etc) and streaming them back using DVArchive.

This release adds a new program to the toolkit (rtvconvert) and now includes the following new functionality:
  • (rtvconvert) Convert MPEG-2 streams to ReplayTV 5000 format.
  • (rtvedit) Convert ReplayTV 4000 series streams to ReplayTV 5000 format.
  • (rtvedit) Support for setting a default ndx and evt path
  • (rtvedit) Allow mixed editing (multiple streams to one) and reordering.
  • (rtvedit) Allow splitting (one stream to multiple).
  • (rtvedit) Added buffering which should run faster for slow disks.

Source code is only available for the evtdump tool and has not changed since the prior release and is included in this archive.

Download includes win32 binaries.

(And yes, we had hoped to have ReplayTV 5000 to ReplayTV 4000 format conversion as well but it just doesn't seem to want to work. )

Update: A couple additional notes. When using rtvconvert, the source must not be 3:2 pulldown or progressive scan. We also haven't tested field order B (bottom field first). 71.583984375k . file
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bcavanau's Avatar bcavanau 11:59 AM 08-20-2003
Originally posted by Lee Thompson

(rtvconvert) Convert MPEG-2 streams to ReplayTV 5000 format.
Will the replay stream these converted files via DVArchive? It so then this is a first.....what about the .evt files, etc?
Ghoul's Avatar Ghoul 12:01 PM 08-20-2003
Would you consider making rtvconvert available on Unix platforms such as BSD, Linux and Mac X ?
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 12:13 PM 08-20-2003
Originally posted by bcavanau
Will the replay stream these converted files via DVArchive? It so then this is a first.....what about the .evt files, etc?
Yes. The .EVT and .NDX will be created.

(The EVT, however, will not include commercial advance data.)
RandyL712's Avatar RandyL712 12:15 PM 08-20-2003
Originally posted by Lee Thompson
[*](rtvedit) Convert ReplayTV 4000 series streams to ReplayTV 5000 format.
So.... wtf? You can do it but RTV couldn't? :D
crashn's Avatar crashn 12:16 PM 08-20-2003
This is great. Ever since DVArchive came out, everyone has wanted to stream non-replay mpeg's to the RTV. Until now this was impossible.

Many many thanks to you and your team. GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 12:20 PM 08-20-2003
Originally posted by RandyL712
So.... wtf? You can do it but RTV couldn't? :D
Actually in RTV's defense:

4K->5K wasn't too hard but the other way still doesn't work.

Doesn't work in real time, has to be converted and then played. The streams are quite different. While with enough buffering this might be surmountable it would use a bunch of memory and CPU so this is probably another stumbling block they ran into.

I have no information on how far Replay got but obviously they ran into problems and while they may have been able to achieve partial or perhaps 'one way only' success that wouldn't really work very well as a shippable product.
Scyber's Avatar Scyber 12:26 PM 08-20-2003

Any chance of getting this on other platforms?
RandyL712's Avatar RandyL712 12:33 PM 08-20-2003
Only 4000 -> 5000 is needed. Then you make the 4000 start recording in 5000 format :)
steverap's Avatar steverap 12:39 PM 08-20-2003
Have you had any discussions with Gerry about importing these tools into DVArchive v3.0?
JustDave's Avatar JustDave 12:46 PM 08-20-2003
This is pretty awesome stuff. Now someone needs to add this (and DVArchive) into VLC so that a host PC (or Mac) could transcode all formats (MPEG, Divx, etc) and stream them into a Replay - instant Prismiq-style player!
icecow's Avatar icecow 01:27 PM 08-20-2003
NoW we need a program that moves a show from RTV to computer, removes the comercials, then moves it back to the RTV with a button click or scheduling

Loren Kruse.'s Avatar Loren Kruse. 01:38 PM 08-20-2003
I aplaud you - Lee Thompson! Great work - I am sure you spent some of your quality time doing this! Thanks for sharing your work.

Folks like you make ReplayTV the machine to have!!
sickboy007's Avatar sickboy007 01:46 PM 08-20-2003
Thanks Lee!!!

This is great news!

People at work are wondering why I have a big grin on my face. I was going stop a have a few drinks after work. Looks like I'm going straight home. Time to play!
JeepGeek's Avatar JeepGeek 01:59 PM 08-20-2003
Whoa. Now I really can't wait for my 5k to get here.
bkp_duke's Avatar bkp_duke 02:16 PM 08-20-2003
Lee - - I think I speak for all of us when i say . . .


Now I just need some more hard drives (a LOT more) :D
gizmo91's Avatar gizmo91 02:50 PM 08-20-2003

Can't thank you enough for evtdump and rtvedit.

I commute 1hr15m by train each way to work. I've been pulling shows off DVArchive and manually cutting commercials, etc --- it would take about 10 minutes to cut commercials and setup TMPGenc to re-encode than about 2 hrs to reencode 1 show.

Now I just run evtdump and rtvedit and copy the resulting mpeg to a dvdrw and watch it.

Anyone have a program that will let me point and click to remove commercials and re-encode? I got the commandlines down fairly good, just really getting lazy now.

Thanks again,

PS: ReplayTV commericial advanced only messed up once in about 15 shows, it cut the end of Time Cop off ---- seems that the show went beyond the 1hr allotted --- yes RTV recorded the 1hr22m, but when I cut the commercials it ended it at 40 some minutes (where shows usually end). RTV must have something in their algorithm for finding commercials that deals with times.

PPS: Also noticed that with etvdump and rtvedit that the beginning of the recording is cut if its a commericial or promo spot. 9 out of 10 times it trims it to where the shows start. Love this!
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 03:34 PM 08-20-2003
I am not the programmer on this ( sadly I'm not this clever ;) ), the programmer wants to remain anonymous -- but I do help test it ;)
Scrabbler's Avatar Scrabbler 03:37 PM 08-20-2003
Wow, great work!

Any possibility of MPEG2 --> 4000 series tool?
icecow's Avatar icecow 03:49 PM 08-20-2003
Is this like a charlies angels thing?
icecow's Avatar icecow 03:56 PM 08-20-2003
BTW, if this program works without a hitch it is truely amazing rivaling the usefullness of DVArchive and that other one. I boked to respond with praise because I had just read all the other praises, an easy thing to do. But gotta give credit where credit is due. I should paypal LeeSweet $3.50 to buy you a beer. Lemme know LeeSweet if you want to hasstle with that.

BeefStu's Avatar BeefStu 03:57 PM 08-20-2003
This looks really cool, and kudos to the programmer!

I haven't had much luck yet, though... I'm trying to run it on various VCD streams, downloaded streams, etc. and I keep getting "Lost MPEG sync" errors. I'm sure it has to do with the bitrate and GOP requirements you mentioned... I think I'll try it on some 4k streams I've got archived.

EDIT: Silly me, VCD streams aren't MPEG-2.
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 04:03 PM 08-20-2003
Yeah you'd need to transcode VCD :)
icecow's Avatar icecow 04:21 PM 08-20-2003
What's a good program to convert any filetype to .mpg to these standards? Something easy enough for a calf to use.
uncleblaine's Avatar uncleblaine 04:36 PM 08-20-2003
If you find one Cow, let me know. Everytime I've tried conversion BS I've ended up with nothing but frustration!
Wasatch Rider's Avatar Wasatch Rider 04:46 PM 08-20-2003
How does DVArchive recognize the 4K to 5K conversion? Do I have to import the file using the import function?
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 04:50 PM 08-20-2003
Yes use DVArchive's import function :)
Lee Thompson's Avatar Lee Thompson 04:56 PM 08-20-2003
There is a TMPGEnc ( template included for encoding. Also the rtvconvert.txt file includes the needed parameters.
Wasatch Rider's Avatar Wasatch Rider 05:00 PM 08-20-2003
OK, I did that and it played perfectly on my 5000. Thanks to you Lee and whoever developed this program! It solves the problem of what happens if I don't finish all the shows on my 4000s before the 5000 swap out unit arrive!

I am curious about why the documentation shows putting the new file right into DVArchive. Is there any way to make DVA recognize the file without importing it?
BeefStu's Avatar BeefStu 06:05 PM 08-20-2003
I successfully used the included TMPGEnc template to encode a downloaded AVI file of Futurama and after running rtvconvert on it, I successfully imported the new file into DVArchive and streamed it to a 5040. Although it's a time-consuming process even on my P4, it's a great step forward!

Using the same template (for those who don't have TMPGEnc, this template uses a default resolution of 720x480) and source file but changing the encode resolution to 480x480 also works, as does 352x480.

BUT, things get kinda squirrely after that :) Any attempt to stream multiple rtvconverted files in a row reboots the 5040. So, right now my DVArchive contains imports of a 720x480, a 480x480 and a 352x480 rtvconverted MPG file of the same TMPGEnc'd AVI file. If I stream one of those files, all is well. If I stop it and try to stream another rtvconverted file--and even if I try to play the same file a 2nd time--then my 5040 reboots. If I instead try to play back a "native" locally-recorded file on the 5040, that works fine, and also seems to "reset" the 5040 such that I can once again stream a single rtvconverted file.

In case it matters, I'm using TMPGEnc Plus 2.520.54.163 and I'm changing to DVArchive flags for each stream to reflect the appropriate Length, Quality and Media Type.
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