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InU4Ea's Avatar InU4Ea 04:18 PM 12-05-2000
Just wandering how long the turnaround time has been in the past between software updates. How long does it usually take to implement the new features and beta test them? Not that I want to sound impatient or anything or put pressure on the fine replaytv employees, don't get me wrong, I love the 3.0 update..., infact that's why I'm curious, because I can't wait for new features! Anyway, any replay employees responses would be appreciated. And keep up the great job, and good luck through this transition period.

cwoody222's Avatar cwoody222 05:31 PM 12-05-2000
I got my 2020 in Nov. 1999. It had v1.x. 2.0 came out in Feb. 2.1 came out less than two months later (that right guyes?). 2.0 mainly added Zones and things that should gave been there all along like "Change Recording Options" and "Preserve this Episode". A MAJOR upgrade. 2.1 was some fixes and put "Find all Episodes" into the ReplayGuide - a MAJOR useful thing!

3.0 came out in Oct. It added the new logo, Manual Record, and "More Options" to the Change Record Options screen. is due soon.

Who knows after that.

I doubt anyone can comment about the timeframe of beta testing. But, suffice it to say, it's shorter than TiVo's 2.0 time

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