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Jeff D's Avatar Jeff D 03:28 AM 12-26-2003
I just thought of something... My two 3k boxes and the one I bought for the parents years ago... net cost on all three... $200/ea with liftetime activation. Lifetime dialup activation (way more expensive than broadband)

Now that was with the hardward from three years ago, and as we all know with time prices drop on hardware and manufacturing.

I can easily see the case that this could have been a fire sale, who could really argue this?

Justin you have an inside line to the pulse of DNNA. But, if you didn't have any contacts there and you saw the news of the price, what would your HONEST first impression about $149 for a 5504? Forget everything "inside" the company that you know... really would you not suspect a firesale? Think back... all the legitimate discounts we've got in the past, this isn't really that unusual. I still think it makes perfect sense that replayTV IS unloading the 5504. However unlikely, it's still possible for DNNA to announce something to replace the 5500 line at CES. The timing and executition of the plan are very suspicious. If you are going to do something like this you do it before thanksgiving, that is the big buying season. Or you wait until AFTER Christmas, not start notifying retailers the week before christmas for the live date to be 2 days before Christmas. That's just plain stupid. DNNA's target... procrastinators? Or to capitalize on after Christmas sales? Big sure, but pale in comparison to the Thanksgiving to Christmas season.

Still no matter how you slice this, this is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
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wagoss's Avatar wagoss 09:12 AM 01-01-2004
ReplayTV is going down on this one. They might win the battle here, but long term, their business model will drive them out of business. They need to honor the sticker on the box and work it out with the retailer some other way.
jones07's Avatar jones07 09:16 AM 01-01-2004
jleavens's Avatar jleavens 10:58 AM 01-01-2004
Thanks for the link, jones07.

any further facts on this matter should be posted to this thread:

this one is now closed!
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