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ClearToLand's Avatar ClearToLand 02:58 PM 12-21-2004

Originally posted by rayliner
...We bought a Hughes receiver that works fine with no problems with the Replay, and it only cost $50...

Which model Hughes, and from whom?

Are you using the Serial Data Port or the IR Blaster?

tonycpsu's Avatar tonycpsu 06:34 PM 12-21-2004
Just to follow up, I did resolve my install problem last night, by virtue of having my call taken by a DirecTV supervisor last night. That's some random luck for ya. An installer was here today and he replaced my round dish with an 18" elliptical, and ran the third line for me. So it's a pretty happy ending to a long ordeal of hold times and "pass the buck" customer service.


Maybe you could get back some of the extra $100 you had to shell out.

Maybe... But at this point I'm using one of the receivers they gave me for my third line (not for ReplayTV use, just as a standalone tuner) so it'd just be the one receiver I'd get credit for.. And then I'd have to ship it back to them... At this point I think I'll just keep it around in case one of them goes haywire or something rather than try to beg for ~$30 net gain.

FWIW, the two ReplayTV-incompatible D10-300s are both Philips manufactured, DirecTV badged.
mb230s's Avatar mb230s 05:40 PM 03-31-2005

Originally posted by stern_keefer
Thanks for the update gatoman. Odd that they wouldn't already be aware of the issue since I've spent a few calls on them recently myself.

No issues at all with the D10-100, so I've finally activated the unit after a week of screwing around with it.

I have a D10-100 and a Series2 Tivo. I need the low speed data cable that connects the Tivo to the D10 (trying to avoid IR Blaster). It looks like I'm lucky to have the D10-100 - BUT - where do I buy the dang cable???? I'm in Chicago if there is a place locally. I found it on Tivo's website, but I don't have the patience and the shipping cost for a $6 cable is $5.


BaysideBas's Avatar BaysideBas 07:49 AM 04-01-2005

Originally posted by mb230s
I found it on Tivo's website, but I don't have the patience and the shipping cost for a $6 cable is $5.

So you figured the answer would be found at the ReplayTV & Showstopper forum? Maybe if Dr. Strange is up he'll help you.
WSchumer's Avatar WSchumer 11:15 AM 04-12-2005
Scenario: communication between a Replay 5040 and a Direct TV D-10 100. I have the RPG serial to low speed data port connected.

Problem: DirectTV says the low speed data port is not active. My replay sees the programming and my direct tv sees the programming however, replay does not acknowldge the channels so therefore can not record programs.

I see from previous threads that a Hughes reciver may fix my problem. Direct TV refused to cooperate with me and even though they misinformed me that these units were compatible they are unwilling to help.

Can anyone direct me to a fix or suggest a solution? I would greatly appreciate some help in resolving this as I miss my replay big time.

Thank you !
nded's Avatar nded 11:50 AM 04-12-2005
Have you read this yet? I think it will help you.
tconrad's Avatar tconrad 11:22 AM 05-04-2005
This thread was a big help. Their still doesn't appear to be a solution to make the d10-200 work. I was able to convince DirectTV to credit me $100 toward new receivers. The d10-100's that I purchased at Best Buy ($49 each) worked perfectly right out of the box.

tour93's Avatar tour93 12:23 PM 05-23-2005
I just switch to Directtv and got a D10(-100), I'm going to order the serial adaptor but for now I'd like to know what is the code I should use to control d10 with the IR blaster. I have a 55** but still use release soft. 190.
jimmcq's Avatar jimmcq 09:43 PM 05-31-2005
I have the exact same setup in two different rooms of the house:

a ReplayTV 50xx hooked up to a DirecTV D10-100 receiver via Serial (APG) connection... both have worked flawlessly for 6 months or so.

All the sudden tonight both of them stopped changing to channels under 100. Every three digit channel works just fine.

I did some poking around, and it appears that the satellite receivers got an automatic software upgrade last night.

Is anyone else having this same problem all the sudden?
mgood's Avatar mgood 06:56 AM 06-01-2005
I have the same problem -- Can't access local channels. All others OK.

Have tried:

Serial port/AGP -- direct connection
Serial port/normal -- Patterson Technology Module
IR port -- (None of the codes under DirecTV worked)

Will try dtvcon172 application on laptop later tonight to learn more.
nexus2322's Avatar nexus2322 12:42 AM 08-11-2005
all three are made by dirctv the software is the same as others. d10 is the the same as d10-100 (no difference at all except internal nomenclature. the d10-200 has the saame software as the samsung sirs300w and the d10-200 has the same software as the phillips dsx5500r. as far as the low speed data and the serial ports. they were disabled both by software and by hardware (unsolder joints) to prevent copyright infringement (mpaa) as well as all subsequent models after the fact. the directv r10 model dvr has a hdd hack as well as a software hack that allows use of the usb 2.0 ports in the rear panel. any one want any other knowledge
aircav's Avatar aircav 09:09 AM 10-29-2005
This is new to me please forgive an old man. I need info on how to re-align my direct tv d10 receiver when I go camping. Manual is vague on this. I have two dishes (one for locals). Which menu button/s do I press to get to the section where you move the dish and watching sig. strenth? I know this is not rocket science but do not want to blow away anything unnecessarily. Any help will be appreciated.
Phathead's Avatar Phathead 03:09 PM 02-14-2006
Excuse my late entry into this conversation. This looks like the most thorough thread on this topic, and I'm considering ordering DirecTV after a recent price hike from Comcast and continued declining picture quality.

Does anyone know what receiver DirecTV is shipping when you order via their web site? BellSouth gives a discount if you order and have direct billing, but I don't want to end up with a D10-200 or -300 I can't use. (I have two 5504s).

Or, has there been any resolution on the -200 and -300 receivers? Do they work now?

Thanks for your help.
sbbaer's Avatar sbbaer 09:54 PM 07-17-2006
I have a DRT800 Humax DVR Recorder and am unable to change channels on my D10-300 DirecTV receiver. I am using the IR cable and the manufacure of the receiver is DirecTV (I called them and they said they make their own boxes) and all I need is an IR code that I can try. My TiVo controlled my Dish Network box great but I switched to DirecTV recently. I have tried about a few other codes but no luck. Any Help is appreiciated. Thanks
whirly's Avatar whirly 11:23 AM 07-18-2006
Simple solution:

Dump DTV and get Dish Network.

On a more serious note:

Has anyone tried a Null Modem Cable instead of a straight thru on these errant D10 boxes??
Slackmaster Flex's Avatar Slackmaster Flex 08:53 PM 04-04-2007
Yes this is some severe bumpage, but I have a couple of D10-300s and want to hook to my HTPC, and wondering if it's even gonna be worth the effort to try it out w/serial port.
mikek's Avatar mikek 03:12 PM 04-05-2007
D10-300 does not have the serial port active.

R8ders2K's Avatar R8ders2K 03:52 PM 04-05-2007
If you've got a 5xxx series ReplayTV, just download FlipFlop's Linux boot CD and update your IR codes to support the D10, H20, and HR20.

For more info, check out this link.

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