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nobbie's Avatar nobbie 04:37 PM 02-22-2006
Well, it looks like the price has dropped again.

It's now down to $210 with free shipping!

There's a TigerDirect link for $199, but I think they charge shipping.


broadwayblue's Avatar broadwayblue 12:09 PM 03-04-2006
looks like amazon has it in stock again for $199. i'm considering picking one of these up but had a couple questions. first, i'm pretty sure it isn't HD compatible...but that being said how does it work if you connect it to a SA8300HD cable box? can you just not view the HD channels, but have it work ok otherwise? also, i've read that slingplayer will be available with select smartphones and pda's...will this simply require the latest software, or will we need to purchase new hardware? thanks.
Ed Rempalski's Avatar Ed Rempalski 01:09 AM 03-05-2006
You connect it to any video source via Composite or S-Video. It has an I/R blaster that is used to control it remotely. If you use the S-Vid outputs from you box you should be able to see all of your channels.

The Mobile Sling Player software will work just fine with the current slingbox hardware, so you'd be all set for when it's released.

It's a great product.
nobbie's Avatar nobbie 11:05 PM 03-05-2006
Yep, it's now back down to $199 with free shipping!

Gotta love free enterprise, no? If I wasn't getting into audio streaming, now, I'd be getting another one for the new Tivo. (Yeah, I know, but it came with the D* HD service!)
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