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David Haddad's Avatar David Haddad 07:29 AM 02-03-2011
Originally Posted by A9X-308 View Post

Audio Myths Workshop

Outstanding!!! Haven't made it to the end yet but there is one subject I wish they had explained a little more/better, which is why people hear differences even when they don't expect to, or that are the opposite that they expect to. At the beginning they focus on why people hear what they expect, but the audiophiles statement is often that they heard something the opposite of what they expected, therefore no placebo effect was in play and it must be true. They didn't not really address that (flawed) reasoning other than indirectly.

Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 07:45 AM 02-03-2011
Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post

And here is a 60 min youtube video from an AES workshop on audio myths.

Originally Posted by Jinjuku View Post

I believe that is not the correct link.

Originally Posted by A9X-308 View Post

Audio Myths Workshop

Thank you so much.
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 07:52 AM 02-03-2011
Ethan Winer has stated that he thinks that comb filter effects account for most of the subtle differences people hear, that even the change in one's head position may change the listening experience substantially.

Why We Believe
A9X-308's Avatar A9X-308 12:01 PM 02-03-2011
Something else I've just found which some might find interesting. It's an old article so some of the remarks need to be filtered through developments that have been made since then, but it fairly well states what my own experimentation has shown and my own feelings on audio testing.
Speedskater's Avatar Speedskater 04:56 PM 02-04-2011
While it is somewhat Off Topic.

This week's PBS TV show "NOVA Now" on the body and the brain covers "How Does the Brain Work". Nothing directly on audio, but still well worth watching.
arnyk's Avatar arnyk 10:37 AM 12-07-2012
Originally Posted by G-Rex View Post

Blind tests were done by me with JPS Supeconductor 3 and Q, Synergistic Research Tesla Sub 2 and Mogami subwoofer xlr cables. I gave a fair amount of detail and even posted details and took/posted pictures of the cables in my theater on avs so people like YOU wouldn't call me a liar.

Absence of a link means that I have to do my own searching and read dozens of pages of turgid prose before having even one clue about what you are talking about.

Fail! ;-)

If you got evidence, either link it or stop bluffing!
Speedskater's Avatar Speedskater 06:59 PM 12-12-2012
Arny, you're almost 2 years late responding to this thread.
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