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12-20-2012 | Posts: 21
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The Brightboxe projector has an emitter which is a meager 40 lumens and the picture is very yellow as a result. So, I was wondering if I could change its lamp/emitter as a DIY project.

I wanted to know if these emitters also work with the projector:

PRIME 100W 8000LM LED Emitter Metal Plate

Cree XR-E Q5 Emitter on Premium Star (228LM at 1A)


The projector is going to be used for old-school anime that's 480p to 720p, so I want as much vibrant color as I can get.

So far the picture has been good, crisp, but the yellow tint was not to my liking which is why I want to do the change of emitter/lamp to a higher lumens and K.

Any advice on which lamp/emitter to get?

I also get a bit on blur at the bottom of the projected image then I use the focus and that area becomes fine, and the blurriness moves to another part of the image. While I'm in there for the emitter, do you have any other suggestions for this problem too?

A bit of soldering is involved, but It'll go something like this:

When all is said and done I'll post the project tutorial on the OVERCLOCK and AVS forums with images and step by step instruction so more people can unleash their LED projectors.
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Have you taken you projector apart yet to check out the light source? IIRC the Brightboxe projector uses 3 LEDS, i.e. RGB. I suspect you are going to be limited in what you can do by the power supply and cooling system.
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12-21-2012 | Posts: 21
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Hey Colm, I posted a video of the insides of the projector, it has some foil thing, is that for cooling?
Will I have to solder it back on?

What pieces do I have to buy to get the job done?
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12-21-2012 | Posts: 21
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12-27-2012 | Posts: 21
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Hello everyone, I decided to read around the forums to see if I could find a better projector and give-up on this one. I stumbled upon the LGPA70G thread, and I was captivated; such a beast of a machine only to have its self felled by a minor focusing defect. Anyways, this one poster linked to the Qumi Q2 because it was having the same issue; after looking at his tutorial, I opened up my brightboxe, unscrewed and then reinserted and tightened the lens screw, and bam! The picture was as sharp as ever.

With the sickening yellow picture, all I had to do was connect a component/d-sub to the unit, and adjust the settings on that device so I could have better image quality output when it came to colors being transmitted to the screen via the projector.

I guess all my troubles for this projector have ceased, and it can probably hold me off until the LGPA70G goes on sale again at Fry's, so then I could convert all my anime into 3D and chill.

For what it's worth, LED technology is pretty cool, and is relatively low-priced when it is on special, but the later you get your LGPA70G model, the better... As the inventory created before NOV 2012 still has some production issues.

Here's hoping they get rid of all the old stock before the sending another batch that could yield mixed results or product dates.

I'll post a video later for anyone else having this issue.
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