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sirhc55's Avatar sirhc55 05:54 PM 07-25-2014
For years I have been pulling my hair out over my system wiring being in such a mess. The big problem is getting to the back of all components to wire in new items or remove redundant gear.

I don’t know if this has been posted before but I came up with the idea of a Lazy Susan. Let me explain, my audio/visual control equipment is on a metal and glass unit that stands on top of a long wooden floor unit. I have taken 2 600mm round x 1 inch blocks of wood and connected them together with a 12" 450lb Lazy Susan system. I then place my equipment stand on the Lazy Susan which is itself standing on the floor unit. Turn it around to do the wiring and whatever and then back to the front position. A wooden peg in the Lazy Susan stops it from freely rotating when the audio/video is being used.

A friend gave me the wood and the Lazy Susan mechanism cost me $30 (in Australia)

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