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September 19, 2010
Boca Raton, FL , Mount Sinai, NY and Miami, FL.

SMX CINEMA SOLUTIONS, CINEPRO MUSIC AND CINEMA SYSTEMS, and CINERAMAX SPECIAL VENUES in association with REALD PROFESSIONAL and BARCO MEDIA and ENTERTAINMENT will be treating CEDIA 2010 attendees to a spectacular 3-D demonstration in booth 2658 in Atlanta, Georgia. September 25-29.

It is a 35 seat 3-D Mini-Stadium featuring RealD Professional CE4 eyewear (the Patek Philippe of 3-D active eyewear) and showcasing a state-of-the-art 6-million pixel Series 2 DCI BARCO SUPERKONTRAST projector with 4,000 watts of illumination. With never before seen 4-times the light intensity for 3-D, light output will exceed SMPTE spec for 2-D commercial movie theaters (16 foot lamberts). The solidity of the images, the lack of ghosting, freedom from eye-fatigue and the apparent protrusion of the virtual images will invade personal spaces oftenly so as to coax attendees into extending their arms forward in "ocular disbelief".
Good 3-D will therapeutically engage areas of the brain not active during 2-D viewing. This 3-D is case in point whereas you may feel reluctant to watch 2-D afterwards. - States Peter Montoulieu, principal at CINERAMAX SPECIAL VENUES, co-founder of CEDIA and Home Entertainment Magazine Installation of the Year 2009 Innovation Award recipient.
The sightlines imposed by this Ginormous 195 by 90 PRO-MASK QUAD (4 way masking) screen required the erection of a custom Stadium Seating structure. We believe this demonstration will change preconceived notions not only about the quality of Blu-ray 3-D at home, but of the required optimum image sizes as well.- Says Ruben Ortiz , president of SMX CINEMA SOLUTIONS, a recipient of the 2009 AV Science Product Excellence Award.
In addition to demonstrating the NEW BD 3-D compatible 6 million pixel projector CINERAMAX will start the countdown to the delivery of the upcoming Barco DP-4k-P reference projectors to High-End home cinema CEDIA partners. A handful of units will be configured for custom installers by CINERAMAX as soon as the chips first become available in 2011. This will be the benchmark VIP SUPERKONTRAST projector, destined to become the most prized possession of studio execs, top ball players and the Oligarchs (so endearingly depicted in DirecTV's Opulence I has it commercials); the CINERAMAX waiting list for the SUPERKONTRAST DP4K-P is destined to outdo the very one for the 2011 Ferrari Enzo II, both in value and sense of urgency.
With nearly 30 million pixels of resolution the paradigm officially shifts in 2011, completely metamorphosing the 21st century home cinema panorama for posterity.
Often imitated seldom recreated, the forward moving DCI systems expertise of CINERAMAX is recognized by leading Industry players with which CINERAMAX constantly collaborates. In 2011 CINERAMAX will support a select few hand-picked CEDIA partner installations to advance the state of the art in 4K and 3-D.
Attendees to the 3-D stadium event will get to appreciate the NEW SMX 4K acoustically transparent projection material, designed precisely for this next generation high pixel density projectors, yet a technology equally adept in enhancing the depth presentation during this week's CEDIA 3-D watershed event.
THE CEDIA 3-D STADIUM's dimensions this year are nearly three-fold the square area of last year's widely acclaimed Temple Of Home Theater. CINEPRO's high performance systems have built-in scalability "- says Dr. Gus Cossifos VP of CINEPRO. This year we look forward to showcasing our signature musicality and dynamism in a room size more typical of a home cinema found in a large estate.
Artist Rendering By Carlos Puello.
Copyright SMX, Cinepro, Cineramax 2010. , ,
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