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According to panelists at the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Fall Forum panel, the future of displays will be centered around 4K, 8K and OLED.
Gary Yacoubian, president/CEO and managing partner of Specialty Technologies/SV Sound, moderated a panel with John Taylor, VP government and public relations for LG Electronics; Chris Chinnock, president of Inside Media; Alfred Poor, writer for HDTV Almanac; and Michael Hack, senior VP/general manager of OLED for Universal Light.

Taylor began by reflecting, saying that when one looks at 4K or 8K displays “one would never believe we went from CRT to flat panels, from analog to digital in such a short time.”

He added, “I personally believe 4K is the next big thing, as big a move as from standard analog to digital HDTV, but we have to help consumers and retailers understand what the next big thing really is. Consumers need to see the benefits,”

Pointing out that 4K is in its “early stages, the question, Taylor said, is “what should we call it?”
That may be solved by the CEA 4K committee that is meeting on the subject at this event.

Hack reflected upon the past, saying that back in 1992 he was at a technical meeting where “half the engineers involved in a discussion about LCDs didn’t think screens up to 10 inches would be made.”

He noted that OLED has been around since the late 1980s, but got a big push in 2009 with cellphones since “Samsung did not have an LCD business, [so] it championed OLED in phones, in its Galaxy series.”

He said that Samsung and LG are now in a battle to come up with large screen OLED TVs, but are both using different approaches. “By 2013 we’ll have OLED in the market but prices will be high, and volumes will be low.” He did not predict when OLED will open up into the broader mass market.

Poor noted that large screen OLED TVs will be “sexy as hell. They will be as thick as the thickness of two credit cards.”
Taylor added, “The color is something you’ve never seen before and the thickness will be sexy.”

Chinnock acknowledged the thinness of OLED TVs, but wondered “how is this is desirable for the consumer? At two times, three times, five times the price [of smaller TVs]?”

Poor noted that OLEDs use “fewer raw materials than [LCD panels] and you can be packed and shipped more inexpensively than LCD. Pricing can be worked out eventually.”

Taylor is bullish on OLED saying, “Unit sales could be 50K the first year, 500K the second and maybe 13 million the fourth year. It is possible.”

The issue then turned to 4K and 8K formats and whether OLED could be put to the task to make those formats come to the market quicker.

Hack said OLED reacts quicker than LCD for 4K and 8K with “little image blur … it would be a natural. You could make it with plastic [versus glass] and it would be a better display than LCD.”

Poor noted that OLED will “lower energy consumption” compared with LCD. “OLED is a green story will be more important going forward.”

There ya have it. Do you agree with the panel?

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I'm still skeptical and thinking that the difference between 4k and 1080p will be somewhat negligible on anything less than 84 inches and of course distance comes into play as well. I could be wrong but I'm sure not going to shell out the cash for one the first few months of their release. Of course, I wish I had a crystal ball to know when they're going to be more mainstream/affordable so I know if I should put my plans on buying a 55-60 inch 3D on hold.

No doubt will it be the "future" but exactly when that future is remains to be seen with Sony's 4k projector being 25k right now. I don't see it replacing blu ray movies or HD streaming anytime soon and without new media for it I fail to see how it can take off and be something in the immediate future. Of course, I'm sure someone somewhere said the same thing about 1080p and I'll be eating my words in a year.

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Until content delivery can match the current technology, I'm not buying in. Hell, even as it is, I still only get 1080i max for my satellite. Online streaming options in Canada suck, and Future Shop carries about half of the Blu Ray movies relative to six months ago. And I'm encouraged by tv manufacturers to buy in to 4k technology? Really?

FWIW, I'm excited about the prospect of this technology, but if I can't make use of its full potential due to lack of content, what's the point?
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This is not a market evaluation, it's a marketing promotion. OLED and 4k is the future? What else would you expect from people whose very livelihoods depend on the development and--more importantly--the adoption of new display technology? If you had a CRT manufacturer on the panel the headline would say "Panel predicts future is in 4k, OLED and CRT displays". The panels are developing the products, so we have a reasonable expectation that they will be produced. The only questions are what will the price be and will there be a market for it? Personally, I'd rather see development money going into creating darker blacks than higher resolution.

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I am at the point now where I believe that the manufacturers aren't too worried about picture or build quality since they want you to buy a new tv every 4-7 years. This way you do not buy the best tv possible but you buy a new one every 4-7 years when the market gets soft and the developers have to come up with something just to sell you on a new tv, if of course the one you bought 5 years ago hasn't already failed. So perhaps the idea is sell more since they fail sooner or sell more and get you excited to buy the latest trend. In that case any top notch quality need not be met since you will not be purchasing a tv to last the next 20-25 years. Just do what we are good at: Consuming!

Not to be so cold, but hey I am in the boat where I wanted at least the best tv to span me a decade and a half. Guess I should be so lucky.

Thanks for listening. smile.gif
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If OLED ever makes it into the marketplace it might be the "future of TV displays." Depends on how quickly they can get the price down to current TV pricing. If it takes as long as HDTV took - it may invite other technologies such as Sony's Crystal LED.

IMO, 4KTVs will be an even bigger bust than 3DTV has been. At least with 3DTV there has been 3D content right from the getgo. All sources that I have read say no UHD content for 3 to 4 years.

8K? Sure - in 8 to 10 years when it makes it debut.
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When it comes to 4K you better have a really big screen to see the difference between 4K and 1080p to see any difference. And as for OLED? The OLED sets better come down in price in a big way or there is no way I'm buying thats for sure.
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Originally Posted by steve1971 View Post

When it comes to 4K you better have a really big screen to see the difference between 4K and 1080p to see any difference. And as for OLED? The OLED sets better come down in price in a big way or there is no way I'm buying thats for sure.

It's not just having a really big screen . . . it's sitting closer to the screen - 1.5 x Picture Height is the recommended seating distance. That is half of what is recommended for HDTV; 3 x Picture Height
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