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Did Felix Baumgartner’s amazing skydive from the edge of space proves that the future of television is online?
When Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a balloon at the edge of space this weekend, we may have had a glimpse of the future. Not of the future of extreme sports, although I’m sure we will have more and more “Armchair Felixes” emerge. I’m talking about the future of broadcast television.

More than 8 million people watched the event live on YouTube, making it the most-watched live event in the history of the site. Some viewers even commented that the coverage on YouTube was better than the coverage provided by established news sources like CNN, probably because the production online was direct from the source (Red Bull Stratos) while the networks still felt the need to give more time to their talking heads and less time to Felix. Today’s consumer simply isn’t going to put up with that for much longer.

So, what’s keeping you from dropping cable?
Maybe it’s the uncertainty of receiving your local network stations over the air like your grandparents did, reliving the memories of having to bang on the TV to get it to work. Or the prospect of walking a legal tightrope when trying to find something that may not be available in your market, like a certain sports event.

Chances are you know someone who has already made the leap. After all, there are now 5.1 million people who have eschewed the cable companies in favor of broadband solutions like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix while receiving their network stations over the air. Traditional cable companies have lost on average about 750,000 subscribers each year for the past three years. Some of those people (like me) go to competing solutions marketed by Verizon or AT&T. Most, it is assumed, simply cut the cord.

So what does the future of TV look like when cable companies only provide the broadband Internet?
Perhaps the networks, as currently organized, no longer exist as well. First, what happens to commercials? Does everything we watch live become pay-per-view? Perhaps that could bring even more democratization to the entertainment industry, allowing for what amounts to small-budget, independent TV shows. It also has the potential to turn the NFL into Don King, for better or worse.

The alternative is the sponsors producing content themselves, so that “American Idol, brought to you by Gillette” doesn’t just mean that Gillette wrote a check to Fox. It means Gillette actually pays Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj to bicker at each other. Conveniently, you have to go to Gillette’s YouTube channel or website to watch this week’s episode. That’s very close to what happened on Sunday with Red Bull.

Do you believe the future of television in online?

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internet is the future.

To watch NFL football out of market you need to spend $300 for NFL ticket.

On the internet you can watch it for FREE.
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What's keeping me from dropping cable? How about the fact that you still need cable or something very similar to GET that wonderful internet content. That's why I have it.

But fewer talking heads and more meaningful content sounds excellent to me.
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Do you believe the future of television in online?


They said 8 million watched it on YouTube. So how many watched it on CNN, Discovery, Velocity, etc?
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Do you believe the future of television in online?

Absolutely, however our current infrastructure can not support this revolution, yet.

We've been to slow to adapt.

However, I can see 10, 20 yrs from now. 90% of media contents are delivered via the net to our pc, laptop, smartphones, pads, etc.

Btw, I've cut both my landline phone service and cable telivision for over 5 years now.
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TV will broadcast content into its protected cloud(s) (e.g. reading Kindle) and rain into home gateways without much need
for cell towers, which will go the way of the telephone pole.
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I went without cable for six years. I got cable two years ago and I really don't use it. I assume the wife uses, because I don't.

Lately I have been watching a lot of Youtube. I found the app through my xbox, and I haven't stopped using it. I never really used it in the past. But now everyday I learn, or understand it more and more. I assume I will eventually figure out specific channels that I will regularly watch. I already do that now, but I will eventually broaden my horizon and include news, sports and whatever else I deem worthy. I like how ordinary people make money off that system and try to like videos or whatnot when I feel they deserve it. There is a lot of really good stuff on there. More in line of what I thought "Reality TV" should have been all along, as opposed to what cable gave us. Oh well, just another example of how big business sometimes is just out of touch.
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